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SARL Today HF Update with ZS4BS VHF/UHF News with Mike Bosch ZS2FM Contest News with Geoff ZS6C SARL Forum current topics Commercial Hamads


DENNIS GREEN ZS4BS AWARDED IARU MEDAL - At the IARU R1 gala dinner held in Germany last night Dennis Green ZS4BS was awarded the IARU Region1 Medal for his contribution to the IARU as secretary of the Region for three terms.. The award was presened by IARU Region1 President, Don Beattie.  



SARLNEWS: AMATEUR RADIO TODAY - listen to  these programmes on line or download to retransmit on local nets, a SARL service to Radio Amateurs. 

Sunday 24 September 2017

SARLNUUS  met John Keulder ZS6BXL luister/laai hieraf 

SARLNEWS  with Rory Norton ZS2BL download/listen here 

AMATEUR RADIO TODAY with Dawie Conradie ZR6DHC listen   here  or for more details click here


DISTANT GALAXY SENDS OUT 15 HIGH ENERGY RADIO PULSES – Radio astronomers at UC Berkeley have detected 15 brief but powerful radio pulses from a mysterious source FRB 121102 far across the Universe, while using the Green Bank telescope at West Virginia during their Breakthrough Listen project. Fast radio bursts (FRB) are brief, bright pulses of radio emission from distant but largely unknown sources, and FRB 121102 is the only one known to repeat: more than 150 high-energy bursts have been observed coming from the object, which was identified last year as a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light years from Earth.

The extraordinary capabilities of the backend receiver, which is able to record several gigahertz of bandwidth at a time, split into billions of individual channels, enable a new view of the frequency spectrum of FRBs, and should shed additional light on the processes giving rise to FRB emission. Whether or not fast radio bursts turn out to be signatures of extra-terrestrial technology, Breakthrough Listen is helping to push the frontiers of a new and rapidly growing area of our understanding of the universe around us.

IARU REGION 1 RE-ELECTS DON BEATTIE AS PRESIDENT – At the tri-annual IARU Region 1 Conference Don Beattie, G3BJ was re-elected as President for the next three years.

Other election results are:

Faisal Al-Ajmi, 9K2RR, Vice-President
Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T, Secretary
Andreas Thiemann, HB9JOE, Treasurer
Sylvain Azarian, F4GKR
Alessandro Carletti, IV3KKW
Mats Espling, SM6EAN
Joerg Jaehrig, DJ3HW
Oliver Tabakovski, Z32TO 

Permanent HF Committee: Chairman: Tom Kamp, DF5JL,
Vice Chairman: Ian Greenshields, G4FSU 

Permanent VHF/UHF Committee: Chairman: Jacques Verleijn, ON4AVJ
Vice chairman: Jann Traschewski, DG8NGN

EMC Committee:Chairman: Tore Worren, LA9QL
Vice Chairman: Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS 

Region 1 HF Beacon Coordinator: Dennis Green, ZS4BS 

Region 1 VHF/UHF Beacon Coordinator: Matthias Klug, DH4FAJ 

Region 1 Stars Coordinator: Riri Azrak, OD5RI 

Emergency Communications: Greg Mossub, G0DUB 

The next   IARU Region 1 Conference will be held Nova Sad, Serbia. This will the 25th Regional Conference



IARU AC TAKES IMPORTANT DECISIONS -The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) held its annual in-person meeting on 15 and 16 September 2017 in Landshut, Germany, imme diately prior to the IARU Region 1 Conference. The AC is responsible for the policy and management of the IARU and consists of the three IARU international officers and two representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizations.

The AC reviewed its priorities and positions with regard to the agenda items for the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). High Power Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for electric vehicles is seen as having a significant potential for interference to radiocommunications. Addressing this threat requires an increased commitment of resources by potentially affected radiocommunication services, including amateur radio.

The AC reviewed the results of the first year in which a matrix approach to WRC preparation has been followed. The matrix approach is designed to ensure effective coordination among the IARU volunteers who are participating in and monitoring the preparatory meetings of the ITU and regional telecommunications organizations. The agenda includes, along with WPT and several other items of potential concern to radio amateurs, a possible allocation in Region 1 of 50-54 MHz to the amateur service to harmonize with the allocations in the other two regions.

The strategic plan to develop support for amateur spectrum allocations in the period 2016-2020 was reviewed and updated, and an action plan for the remainder of 2017 and 2018 was approved.

The consultative process between the IS and the AC, leading to the nomination of the candidates for IARU President and Vice President for the five-year term beginning in 2019, was initiated. Member-societies will have the opportunity to put forward candidates in early 2018 if they wish to do so.

Progress toward improving the consistency of IARU branding was reviewed and a plan for achieving consistent design across the global and regional IARU websites was approved.

Reports from volunteer coordinators and advisors to the AC were received with thanks. Tore Worren, LA9QL, was appointed as EMC Coordinator, replacing Thilo Kootz, DL9KCE, who has had to step down because of a change in employment.

An interim report from the Working Group on Propagation was received. The group is studying developments in technology related to radio propagation observations.

An extensive review of AC resolutions and policies was conducted, leading to the suppression of obsolete resolutions and the updating of other resolutions and policies.

Progress toward the registration of the IARU as a corporate entity was reviewed and further steps were authorized.

The theme for World Amateur Radio Day, 18 April 2018, was confirmed as

 “Celebrating Amateur Radio’s Contribution to Society.” An effort will be made to share material among member-societies to assist them in observing the day. 

The AC approved a transition from paper to electronic certificates for participants in the IARU HF Championship.



JOTA JOTI 2017 Update - ZS6SSG will be running a station as done over the last couple of years. This year, JOTA celebrates the 60th year of running. To commemorate this milestone, we will be running a special event callsign over the weekend (20th to 22nd October). The callsign is: ZS60JOTA. Look out for this call and make contact. We will be running on 20m, 40m and 80m bands for the weekend.

Amateurs  interested in assisting with running a station for a Scout Group near their QTH, or would just like to come through and have a look at what is happening, please drop a mail  here. It's a great event and the perfect opportunity to grow the youth involvement in this amazing hobby.

 SARL SUBMITS AN INFORMATION PAPER TO IARU REGION 1 CONFERENCE -The SARL has submitted an information paper about the HF RF Noise Floor Monitoring project to the IARU EMC Committee for discussion at the Region 1 Conference starting in Germany next weekend. The SARL will be represented by Nico van Rensburg ZS6QL and Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT.  The document is available for download here.

The meeting agenda covers many important topics. For more information, papers and the agenda click here


REPORT BACK ON SARL/SARL LIAISON MEETING -  The SARL-ICASA Liaison Committee met on 7 July. To read the summary report click here 


Advertising in Radio ZS and the SARL Web site - Radio ZS and the SARL web welcomes advertising. It is a source of information for readers. To place an advertisement in Radio ZS, contact Dennis, ZS4BS, at To advertise on the League web site, contact Hans, ZS6AKV at

Advertising Rates

Display (cameo) on home page - R500 pm - R2 500 for 6 months - R4 500 per annum

Commercial Hamad on home page - R60 pm - R300 for 6 months - R500 per annum

Radio ZS Strip advertisement, 10 cm x 2 columns on top of the page - R100 pm - R500 for 6 months - R1 000 per annum

Display (cameo) on home page and Radio ZS Strip advertisement (as above)       - R550 pm - R2 700 for 6 months - R4 900 per annum 

Terms and conditions

All contract advertisements content may be changed monthly on 5 working day notice

The rates are based on the complete supply of material in Jpeg unless otherwise negotiated. For artwork additional charges may apply as agreed

The content of the advertisements must comply with regulations and norms acceptable in South Africa

All advertisements are playable in advance by EFT to SA Radio League, ABSA, account no 4071 588 849 branch code 632 005

All correspondence and material must be sent to with a copy to

HF Update with Dennis, DL/ZS4BS 16 September 2017 

Get your weekly copy of HF Happenings at

Are you passionate about amateur radio? I am! 

Tunisia: New Licencing Arrangements. The Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy has approved and issued a decree (nr. 3215, 17 August 2017) that organizes amateur radio activity in Tunisia. The decree has appeared in the Official Journal of the Tunisian Republic nr. 71 (5 September 2017). It is now possible for Tunisian hams to apply, pass an exam and get their own amateur radio licences. Those who already have a foreign licence can be granted licences without passing an exam. Resident foreigners can also apply. See

Enigma Reloaded. The 4th “Enigma Reloaded" event will take place from 22 to 30 September. Complete information on the event and the associated award is available at

Liberia, 5L3BI IOTA AF-111. "The wet season is in full force in Liberia this year", the 5L3BI team reported on 13 September. "This makes any road travel tricky and potentially dangerous, which in-turn has so far prevented Richmond, EL2BG, and Dickson, EL2DT, from making a second recce trip to Baiyah Island (AF-111). Since we believe roads conditions may never fully recover between now and the end of October, we have recently managed to (thankfully) reserve seats on a MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship International) flight which will take most of the team directly to Greenville Sinoe airstrip. From there we will meet Richmond who will have made the treacherous road journey south in his 4x4 vehicle.

With the new and additional cost of flights to/from Sinoe region from Monrovia we do still seek generous donations from the IOTA and DX community. Considering a donation? Please visit".

New IOTA Website. The new website is at For the time being all user logins have been suspended until the website is released on 16 September at 08:00 UTC. Registered users on will NOT have to re-register on IOTA World, because they will be able to log in with the same credentials as they used on the old website. A choice of languages is available by selecting one of the flags. The point of contact for help and comments is at

VHF+ UHF+ MICROWAVE NEWS by Mike Bosch ZS2FM 17 September 2017 


REPORTS ON SARL VHF/UHF CONTEST – KRUGERSDORP: Carl ZS6CBQ – He says that it looks like digital is dead on VHF/UHF during the contest. Dick ZS6BUN is in Cape Town and Christo ZR6AUI is in Germany and Rickus ZS4A was away for the weekend. Nevertheless he managed to work 32 stations on 2 metres (144 MHz) SSB and FM, and it was not easy to work the distant stations due to poor conditions. His longest distance was 426 km with ZS3AG, then ZS6SER in Louis Trichardt 402 km, ZS6WAB 300 km, ZS4N and ZR4MF 370 km. The activity from the Free State was good and the hard work the guys put in to improve their antenna systems was worth it. The activity on 70 cm (432 MHz) was much lower than before and Carl worked only 8 stations, where his contacts with ZS4WW and ZS4PF at 222 km was the furthest. He logged only 6 stations on 2 metre FM. The frequencies turned quiet by 10:00 CAT when no new stations were heard. Very disappointing that there was no club activity or any involvement of clubs to encourage their members.  

KLEINZEE: Kobus ZS3JPY – He finished the refurbishment of the two VHF Yagis for the SARL VHF Contest and set it up on Saturday and only one contact was made with Cobus ZS3CVB in Port Nolloth. 

ROSH PINAH NAMIBIA: Pieter V51PJ – He thinks that poor weather conditions, the Africa DX Contest and the loss by the Springboks against the All Blacks could have caused it. The meteor pings were very small today on 2 metres and above, unlike yesterday when they were large and strong. Paul ZS6NK was calling on 6m on Sunday but a lack of rx of any pings was a problem. He managed to work ZS2ACP at least. On 2m the pings were zero on Sunday although pings were good on Saturday on 4m and 6. Pieter did some tests with ZS1CF, ZS1TAF, ZS6TW, ZS3JPY and ZS2ACP on 2m. All could receive his pings pings but Pieter could not hear anyone. Although he has more ERP but it just shows that the pings were very small indeed even for a big signal. The 4m & 6m seems to be more favourable for smaller pings and he managed to work ZS2ACP on 6m & 4m, but 2m was no success at all. ZS5 had to hold on to everything after the storm weather hit them with gale force winds. So yes it was a “good” VHF weekend! 

PORT ELIZABETH: Andre ZS2ACP – Earlier he asked the question, “Where are all the VHF operators?” as Andre was looking for Meteor Scatter contacts on 6 and 4 metres and also watching the OK4KST page. But eventually he made digital contacts with Pieter V51PJ on both 6 and 4 metres. Then Paul ZS6NK at Polokwane provided a 6 metre digital contact over a distance of 1182 km. There is a lot of VHF equipment around but it appears that it is only the interest that is lacking!


The following report cane from Joe Taylor K1JT: “Hi all. Some will be interested in news from Puerto Rico -- and particularly about people at the Arecibo Observatory, and the big dish itself.

“I spoke with my good friend Angel, WP3R, on 14,260 MHz around 06:15 pm this evening. His news was that things on the island are generally very bad: no power and essentially no communication except via ham radio. He and his wife Eva are OK, and as far as he knows all Observatory personnel are safe and OK. The 430 MHz line feed on the big dish broke in half, fell down, and made some holes in the big dish. Roads are mostly impassable. It seems fortunate that more lives were not lost, but it will clearly take a long time to get things back to normal. -- 73, Joe, K1JT"

The devastation across the Caribbean after THREE massive hurricanes one after the other is dreadful - in many cases Amateur Radio is the ONLY form of communication still available. (A big thank you to Barry ZS2EZ for posting this news item).

BACAR 5 LAUNCH PLANNED FOR 21 OCTOBER 2017 – Christo ZR6LJK announced that the BACAR 5 launch has been postponed until the 21 October 2017, to give the YOTA and CQ Hou Koers youth a chance to experience the parrot repeater on the BACAR 5 payload. 

DISTANT GALAXY SENDS OUT 15 HIGH ENERGY RADIO PULSES – Radio astronomers at UC Berkeley have detected 15 brief but powerful radio pulses from a mysterious source FRB 121102 far across the Universe, while using the Green Bank telescope at West Virginia during their Breakthrough Listen project. Fast radio bursts (FRB) are brief, bright pulses of radio emission from distant but largely unknown sources, and FRB 121102 is the only one known to repeat: more than 150 high-energy bursts have been observed coming from the object, which was identified last year as a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light years from Earth.

The Breakthrough Listen team used a backend receiver and accumulated 400 terabytes of data over a five-hour period, observing across the entire 4 to 8 GHz frequency band. This large dataset was searched for signatures of short pulses from the source over a broad range of frequencies, and analysis by the team revealed 15 new pulses from FRB 121102. The observations show for the first time that fast radio bursts emit at higher frequencies than previously observed, with the brightest emission occurring at around 7 GHz. 

The extraordinary capabilities of the backend receiver, which is able to record several gigahertz of bandwidth at a time, split into billions of individual channels, enable a new view of the frequency spectrum of FRBs, and should shed additional light on the processes giving rise to FRB emission. Whether or not fast radio bursts turn out to be signatures of extra-terrestrial technology, Breakthrough Listen is helping to push the frontiers of a new and rapidly growing area of our understanding of the universe around us.



CONTEST NEWS WITH ZS6C Updated 14 September 2017 

South African Radio League VHF/UHF Analogue/Digital Contest: Aim:  To promote activity on the VHF/UHF and microwave bands, To encourage Amateurs to work greater distances than usual by operating portable/ field stations in favourable locations and by optimising equipment and operating techniques at both field and home stations. Dates and Times: 10:00 UTC Saturday 16 September to 10:00 UTC Sunday 17 September 2017. More info see the “Blue Book”

Africa All Mode International DX Contest: Aim - The objective of this all mode contest is to stimulate contesting from Africa. All participating stations worldwide may work any country during the contest period. African DXCC entities are defined as those valid per the ARRL DXCC AF listing published at the time of the contest.  Date: 12:00 UTC on Saturday 16 September to 12:00 UTC on Sunday 17 September 2017. Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres, in accordance with your country and specific licensing requirements governing the portion(s) of these bands that you may use. No contest QSOs are allowed on 12, 17, 30 or 60 metres. Modes: CW, RTTY and SSB. Contestants may elect to enter a single mode category (where offered – see “Entry Categories” below) or take part as a mixed-mode entrant. Mixed-mode entrants may work the same station once on each mode per band (see “Entry Categories” for more details). See Blue Book or for more information.

Scandinavian Activity Contest 2017:  Aim The aims of the contest are to promote amateur radio activity in Scandinavia and to encourage amateur radio communications between Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian amateur radio stations. Scandinavian stations will try to work as many non-Scandinavian stations as possible and vice versa. Eligible entrants: Licensed radio amateurs all over the world are invited to participate. Periods: CW: 3rd full weekend of September each year. Time:  12:00 UTC Saturday and ends 11:59 UTC Sunday. See for more details. 

CQ WW RTTY Contest: Date: September 23-24, 2017, Time: Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday. OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many CQ zones, countries, and W/VE QTHs as possible. BANDS: Five bands only: 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged. EXCHANGE: RST report plus CQ zone number of the station location (e.g., 599 14). Stations in the continental USA and Canada also send QTH (e.g., 599 05 MA). See for more info.

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Commercial Hamads 


Direct importer of a wide selection of SWR meters, H.F., V.H.F. and U.H.F. base and mobile antennas. Amateur radio transceivers, antenna analyzers, etc. Affordable shipping costs for out of town customers and subsidized shipping to SARL members. Check out all my amateur radio goodies here. 0720268909.


Light Engineering Works

General engineering, part remanufacturing  turning, milling, drilling.Specialised welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron.Gear repair and remanufacturing.Prototype industrial and automotive  parts and brackets made to specification,  Heavy duty antenna support and Mobile brackets including standoff brackets and antenna parts manufactured.Tower and tower part repairs also undertaken. Contact Willie Wright ZS6WC.0823351356.


Place your commercial hamads on the home page.  Book a six months space for R300 or 12 months at R500 prepaid with order   The advertisements will be  text only up to 60 words including address, telephone number and click through URL to advertisers' website and email address. Adverisement can be changed  Send your contact details to and we will contact you or call the NARC at 011 675 2393

What is Amateur Radio ? 

Tell me more  about Amateur Radio

Radio Amateurs, or "Hams" use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are even able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts. Radio Hams can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot.

Radio Hams have a full range or communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will be able to join in experiments using all these modes.

mateur radio can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home. This hobby knows no boundaries.

Random Photo from the Call book.

 Karl-Heinz Stier, V51KH


Conical Technologies

Sam's Radio 


Call us on us 082-974-8248 or 84-585-8563 

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RF Design

Worked All ZS award
An interesting operating goal

The entry level for the WAZS award is 100 different call signs. The programme has recently been expanded to include higher level endorsements, such as WAZS-200, WAZS-300, etc. Endorsements may also be obtained for specific modes, eg: CW, SSB, etc.
Click here for more information...

lboat034a.gif (1979 bytes)SA Maritime Net

The South African Maritime Mobile Net provides weather reports and maintains contact with sailing vessels from around the coast and high seas.
The net operates 7 days a week.

There are two regular schedule times as follows:

  • 06:30 UTC and 11:30 UTC on 14 316 kHz high seas net.
  • 06:35 UTC and 11:35 UTC on 7 120 kHz coastal net - the net lasts approximately 30 minutes .


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