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Date posted 2019-12-9  Posted by ZS6CRJ  Name / (Email) Rolf

Icom 7300.baie min gebruik ėn boks..R16500.puik toestant.

Kontak 0793870675 of whatapp

Location: Bela bela Warmbad

Date posted 2019-12-9  Posted by ZS6RHZ  Name / (Email) Rod

Please help. I am restoring a old Drake tr-4c and I need a tube to complete it. It IS A 12BA6 THE Replacements are 12au6 hf63 cv1928 12by7a. Pls Email if you can help. Many thanks Rod

Location: Kempton Park

Date posted 2019-12-8  Posted by ZS1AAZ  Name / (Email) Henry

I have for sale a Heil Goldline desktop microphone for R1000. This microphone has two microphone cartridges fitted, a studio cartridge for high quality studio recordings, but also the Heil HC-5 cartridge which is the right one for amateur use. If you like to receive good comments about the quality of your audio, you need this mic. Check out the Heilsound website to hear what this mic sounds like.
Buyer to pay postal costs.



Edited by ZS1AAZ - 2019-12-8

Location: Brackenfell, Cape

Date posted 2019-12-8  Posted by ZS4BGV  Name / (Email) ZS4BGV

Yaesu FT 2000
For sale : R25 000

Contact : Paul Zs4pg
083 354 3149

Location: Bloemfontein

Date posted 2019-12-7  Posted by ZS6BAF  Name / (Email) andreas

For Sale :

Yamato : full Automatic Antenna Rotor YS -50 50 kg load nearly new only for two month used original Box

Mastpro : 8 Element yagy 144 mhz in original paking usesed for two month

Please contact my only via e mail zs6baf@iburst
Or tel when i can hear 072 3111 041

Location: johannesburg

Date posted 2019-12-7  Posted by ZS6BOS   Name / (Email) Kobus

Kenwood Ts50 with Mfj tuner for sale R5500
Wouxun 950p quad band 10/11m, 6m, 2m and 70cm for sale R2500
079 585 8555

Location: Randfontein

Date posted 2019-12-4  Posted by ZS6GST  Name / (Email) Pine


HATFIELD RF Bridge, Model LE300/A/A1

"You may have one collecting dust in your store of goodies".

73 de Pine, ZS6GST

Edited by ZS6GST - 2019-12-4

Date posted 2019-11-29  Posted by ZS1DDK  Name / (Email) David ZS1DDK

Wanted: Tailtwister TX2

On offer: Ham IV - rebuilt, excellent condition,
Ham 45, needs some attention.

David 083 658 3370

Location: Bellville

Date posted 2019-11-28  Posted by ZS6AW  Name / (Email) Danny ZS6AW


ACOM 2000A 2KW max mint condition R 87,000
ALPIN 200 2KW max mint condition R 79,000
ALPHA 87A 2KW max near mint cdx R 55,000

Heathkit SB200 800W max, as new condition R 6,500
Total electronic rebuild. New 572Bs, new HV rectifiers, new higher value capacitors, 3 step soft start, built-in interface for solid state rigs. All that is old is mechanical components.


Icom 7800 200W . As new cdx. latest firmware. 1 previous now SK owner R 55,000
Icom 7700 200w - Mint cdx - mine since new. Latest firmware with scope etc R 55,000

086 137 3333 or 083 401 4000

Location: Randburg

Date posted 2019-11-26  Posted by ZS6WLC  Name / (Email) Ludwig Combrinck

Hi everyone, I need a Shure Model 444 microphone, these were first manufactured in 1964. Please check your drawers/boxes/cupboards and other stash areas...the type of connector attached to it does not matter, I have the correct connector.


Date posted 2019-11-26  Posted by ZS2PG  Name / (Email) Paul Galpin

Looking for all or any info on the AM-3349TA PA Unit that goes with the GRC106A RX/Tx
MUST be the TA version which was made by Tadiran and is automatic tuning.

Also looking for a GRC dogbone connector!

Location: Port Elizabeth

Date posted 2019-11-25  Posted by ZS6MC  Name / (Email) Henry


For the Collector:

RME 6900 Receiver with RME 6901 External Speaker.

Price R2500.00. Collection Only due to the weight.

You can contact me on 082 nine nine zero 1279.

Location: Johannesburg

Date posted 2019-11-25  Posted by ZS6MC  Name / (Email) Henry


I am the Original Owner.

The Yaesu FT221R Black Line in AWA Very Good to Excellent Condition with Original Handbook:

FT-221R 2m All Mode + Original Hand Mic + 88.5Hz CTSCC Board Installed

YC-221 Digital Display

Price R2000.00

You can contact me on 082 nine nine zero 1279.

Location: Johannesburg

Date posted 2019-11-23  Posted by ZSL7046  Name / (Email) Joseph

Looking for small rotator to rotate a 2m 5e Yagi in a rural location.

Location: Potchefstroom

Date posted 2019-11-23  Posted by ZS1PR  Name / (Email) Ean Retief

OP SOEK NA: Oorfone 8 Ohm vir my HF stel. Iets soos bv die Yaesu YH-55.

WANTED: Headphones 8 Ohm for my HF set. For instance the Yaesu YH-55.

(021) 976-8777 or (083) 658-1318 [Whats App]

Location: Durbanville Cape / Kaap

Date posted 2019-11-23  Posted by ZS1MIC  Name / (Email) Daniel van der Mewre

Hi i am looking for a Kenwood Ts180s Hf radio in good
all round condition. Must be working 100 percent. Want the
original kw hand mike with it. Please contact Daniel ZS1MIC.

Edited by ZS1MIC - 2019-11-23

Location: Beaufort-West

Date posted 2019-11-21  Posted by ZS1BBG  Name / (Email) Steve Gage

scrapped 101ZD for parts
Cell or whats app

Location: swellendam

Date posted 2019-11-19  Posted by ZS4JAN  Name / (Email) Jan...ZS4JAN

I'm looking for a functional main pcb used in the Yaesu FT920 HF transceiver. If somebody have one available, or maybe a complete FT920 in an unserviceable state please contact me as follow:

cell: 0833972259

Location: Bloemfontein

Date posted 2019-11-19  Posted by ZS1WP  Name / (Email) Anton

I have almost brand new antenna analyzer for sale its the Comet CAA-500 MKII with both digital and cross needle reference the price is 6K ex postage this unit is in its box and still has the plastic on the screen.
call Anton on 0798213614 in you are interested

Edited by ZS1WP - 2019-11-19

Location: CAPE TOWN

Date posted 2019-11-26  Posted by ZS2PG  Name / (Email) Paul Galpin

Looking for the circuit of the Yaesu FT224. All the ones I find on the internet appear to be copies of a very low-res scan!

Got one now. Thanks!

Edited by ZS2PG - 2019-11-26

Location: Port Elizabeth

Date posted 2019-11-18  Posted by ZS6ADY  Name / (Email) Andy ZS6ADY


Looking for an HM-118t hand mic for Icom 706 MkIIG.

Contact Andy 0824484368 or email.

Date posted 2019-11-17  Posted by ZS1PR  Name / (Email) Ean ZS1PR


Moet nou nie van julle stoele afval soos julle lag nie, maar ek is op soek na DDR2 geheue vir my 2004 model ACER skootrekenaar.

DDR2 geheue is blykbaar so skaars soos hoendertande.


I am looking for DDR 2 memory for my 2004 ACER laphop.

OK OK OK Stop laughing! I know it is as scarce as the proverbial hen's teeth.

Location: Durbanville (Kaapstad / Cape Town)

Date posted 2019-11-15  Posted by ZS3RW  Name / (Email) Roy Walsh

Major Tech MT887 True RMS Multimeter for sale as new R3500 (neg) or to swop for an Icom AT 180 tuner.
Summit SDM 760 20MHz hand held oscilloscope (scopemeter) for sale or to swop for a Yaesu FT857D
2m Mobile and handheld radio for sale.

Location: Kathu

Date posted 2019-11-13  Posted by ZS6IRQ  Name / (Email) Jeff

I am looking for a Kenwood TH-F7 handheld complete in mint condition.
Please contact


Date posted 2019-11-15  Posted by ZS6WIL  Name / (Email) Will Law

For sale.

All in used condition.

1.TGM Communications MQ26 Mini Beam 20m thru 6m with balun R 1500.00

2.Diamond CP6 Vertical antenna 80m thru 6m SOLD

3.Hy Gain CD45II rotator with control box and 30m(approx.) cable.
220V supply fully working order SOLD

Items 1 & 2 partly assembled for collection only
Item 3 preferably collection due to weight or shipping for buyer's account.

Contact Will by email or 082 442 9194

Edited by ZS6WIL - 2019-11-14

Edited by ZS6WIL - 2019-11-15

Location: Randburg

Date posted 2019-12-8  Posted by ZS1AAZ  Name / (Email) Henry

My Kenwood TS570S transceiver is still available for sale but I will reduce the price to R12000 and supply it with the standard hand held dynamic mic that it was supplied with. The transceiver was well looked after and is in excellent condition. It is fitted with a high stability crystal so the frequency accuracy is very good.



Edited by ZS1AAZ - 2019-12-8

Location: Brackenfell, Cape Town.

Date posted 2019-11-12  Posted by ZS6PA  Name / (Email) ZS6 PA

WANTED: 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer. Typical to a Fluke 41. Must be in 100% working condition.

Location: Pretoria

Date posted 2019-11-22  Posted by ZS3DT   Name / (Email) Rudi Du Toit

For sale : Yeasu FTM 350 AR/AE vhf uhf tranceiver. Included is DTMF mic, FGPS-2 external GPS antenna system for GPS/APRS operation. Also included is FPR-1 monitor unit. R8500. Transport for buyers account. Please email me for photos

Edited by ZS3DT - 2019-11-22

Location: Vryburg

Date posted 2019-11-10  Posted by ZS6RHZ  Name / (Email) Rod

Wanted: Wide band, All mode radio scanner.

Location: Kempton Park

Date posted 2019-11-6  Posted by ZS1CDG  Name / (Email) Chris

Hi all,

looking for some LMR 200. about 10m. Does anyone in the cape town area have spare?

Chris ZS1CDG

Location: Cape Town

Date posted 2019-11-6  Posted by ZS1MIC  Name / (Email) Daniel van der Mewre

Wanted !!!

I am looking for a kenwood ts940 or ts950 style radio in good condition. Ts 870 or similar. I am AV (made after valves). Do not want valve radios. I like the led frequency display and not so much the newer LCD displays. I own a ts130s and like that era of radios.


Location: Beaufort-West

Date posted 2019-12-1  Posted by ZS6ALN  Name / (Email) Hennie

The following items are for sale:
1) 2M, home-made full-wave dipole with 6 meter coax @ Now R100
3) SOLD!
4) SOLD!
5) 9 meters of used, 15mm hardline coax with connectors @ Now R150.
6) 2.6 meters of 15mm hardline coax @ R50.

The above items are for collection at my address in Pretoria. Hennie ZS6ALN, Cell: 083-643-3048.

Edited by ZS6ALN - 2019-11-5

Edited by ZS6ALN - 2019-12-1

Location: Pretoria

Date posted 2019-11-2  Posted by ZS5MAX  Name / (Email) Max Rossi

Looking for a clean Kenwood TS-590S

Location: Pinetown

Date posted 2019-11-2  Posted by ZS5MWS  Name / (Email) Mike - ZS5MWS

Any Offers for these?

Tubes as follows tested and working.
Philips QE05/40 equivalent to 6146B x 5 They have 80 -90% output.
RCA / Technix 6146(A) x 7 80 -90% output.

Used in Kenwood TS 830,530,820 and Yaesu FT101ZD and other radios.

Contact Mike ZS5MWS
071 534 7489

Edited by ZS5MWS - 2019-11-2

Location: Durban

Date posted 2019-11-9  Posted by ZS1XB  Name / (Email) Emil Bohme


2. Desktop Rekenaar met skerm - nog Windows 7 op met radio amateur programme.
Prys bekostigbaar vir RTTY, digitale en ander modes. R1500

Laat weet per epos of whatsup.
mob: 0793102930

Edited by ZS1XB - 2019-11-9

Location: PAARL

Date posted 2019-10-30  Posted by ZR1PJA   Name / (Email) Paul Allen

FOR SALE Complete HF Station. Priced to go.

Icom IC735
SM 6 Desk Mic
Tokyo HL Antenna Tuner
Power Mite Power Supply
Owner returning to UK


Location: Cape Town

Date posted 2019-10-28  Posted by ZS6COI  Name / (Email) Francois Jacobs

Is there anyone that have an Diamond NR 780 R that is broken. Mine broke and maybe I can get one that isn't working anymore for spares. Specifically if its the bottom part that is broken cause I need the top part of the antenna.
Please contact me 0799327131 or send me your number and I can call you back or via email is also good. Thanks in advance

Location: Nigel

Date posted 2019-10-31  Posted by ZS6AW  Name / (Email) Danny ZS6AW


ICOM IC746PRO. As mint as day it left factory.

All mode --- 100 watts on HF 6 and 2 metres.
Enjoy 2m DX, just add 4-6 el Yagi and work 400 Km or more in the mornings.

Built in HF ATU. No accessories needed.

3 months warranty against latent defects.

R 15,750-00 -- trade-in or offers welcome

Danny 083 401 4000 / 086 137 3333

Edited by ZS6AW - 2019-10-31

Location: Randburg . postage free.

Date posted 2019-10-27  Posted by ZR6CV  Name / (Email) Christiaan Visser

Looking for fibreglass tubing/rods for diy antenna project.

1inch hollow tube (8m)

3/4 inch hollow tube (8m)

1/2 inch hollow tube or solid rod. (12m).

If you have any leftovers or know where I can buy them locally, please let me know.
zero82 222 8zero36

Location: Brits

Date posted 2019-10-26  Posted by ZS4JAN  Name / (Email) Jan...ZS4JAN

I'm looking for the following Yaesu items in original, un-modified condition:

1. Yaesu FL7000 Linear Amplifier
2. World Clock QTR-24D
3. Yaesu Frequency Counters
4. Yaesu Logbooks

I'm looking for copies of The ARRL Handbook to add to my collection. Please note the year of publication.

Please contact me as follow:
cell: 083 397 2259

Location: Bloemfontein

Date posted 2019-11-2  Posted by ZS6JGP  Name / (Email) Justin

*** ICOM IC-78 with 718 Mod
Hardly Used. I've only seen it push 50W, meant to be 100W.
Might be my SWR Meter?
My QTH has S5 Noise on a fantastic day, but usually S8 to S9, can't HF @QTH.

*** Hytera MD785 DMR UHF + Programming Cable
Bought New, Hardly Used. Collecting dust.
I will program your Radio ID before taking delivery.


Edited by ZS6JGP - 2019-11-2

Location: Sandton

Date posted 2019-10-25  Posted by ZS1KC  Name / (Email) Karl ZS1KC

I would like to swap a few Rand for a 1996 CQ Magazine. I am after a circuit board layout which was published in it.

Tnx de Karl
or via email.

Location: Northern Suburb/Bellville/Durbanville

Date posted 2019-10-24  Posted by ZS6AW  Name / (Email) Danny ZS6AW


1/. ICOM 7800 Dual RX transceiver, 200W
Latest firmware with waterfall and scope upgrade. No cheap SDR gimmickry – no overloading, no processor noise – just solid DX grabbing performance.

As a package with

2/. ICOM PW1 linear 1000 Watts PEP. Not available separately unless rig is sold first.

Both items in superb as new condition. 3 months warranty against latent defects

R 85,000-00 for both. Open to realistic offers. Replacement value in excess of R300,000-00

Trade-in or terms considered.
Danny 083 401 4000 / 086 137 3333

Location: Randburg

Date posted 2019-10-24  Posted by ZS6LMG  Name / (Email) Leon

Looking for an ICOM BP200 or BP200L or BP199 battery pack, preferably a non functioning one.

73 de Leon ZS6LMG

Location: Johannesburg

Date posted 2019-10-22  Posted by ZS1ZS  Name / (Email) Abe ZS1ZS

I am looking for a UHF SWR and power meter.

My contact number is 082-851-8417

Date posted 2019-10-22  Posted by ZS6JH  Name / (Email) Yank Rothenberg

QRP TRANSMITTER 40 and 20 meters . Perfect condition. R500 ex JHB Kenwood SSTVunit with camera in perfect order.

CONTACT YANK ZS6JH hermanr@ Za. R750 ex JHB

Location: Johannesburg

Date posted 2019-10-22  Posted by ZS6VIL  Name / (Email) Bertus Viljoen

On behave of Riaan Schoeman He have avaiable an 18m mast, Base is 1m Traingle. Available in Three Rivires Vereeniging. Price: R10K For More info contact Riaan Schoeman 083 226 6773

Location: Three Rivires Vereeniging

Date posted 2019-10-19  Posted by ZS5EL  Name / (Email) Eric

Telefunken Empfanger E863 KW/2 radio receiver
Top quality mint condition.

Rare Nixie Tube display
Lots of new spares
see Youtube video (not this radio)
send me a whatsapp if interested o825II37oo
R10 000

Location: Richmond

Date posted 2019-10-18  Posted by ZS6MAW  Name / (Email) Marinus ZS6MAW

Looking For:

Yaesu Rotator Control Box and/or Computer Interface for a Yaesu Controller G1000.

Only controller.

WhatsApp at zero81 354zero6zero7 or Email.

Location: Pretoria

Date posted 2019-10-16  Posted by ZS1BO  Name / (Email) Theo

More almal
Ek benodig n gesonde aan/af skakelaar vir my Kenwood TS 430S. Indien jy n wrak het met ander onderdele sal ek ook belangstel. Ek wil nie die radio verander om iets anders te maak pas nie, maar voorstelle is welkom. Laat vweet gerus per E-pos met jou aanbod en prys ens.
Theo ZS1BO

Location: Paarl


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