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Welcome to the SARL Members-only Web!


As an SARL member you will receive a website password for the current year. Type in the password without the leading "0's" ( nought ) ie: 15728

If you have recently joined the SARL then there may be a few days delay before your password takes effect.

Use your call sign together with your password each time you access the Members-only portion of the SARLWeb. Your password will only work with your own call sign. It is useless to anyone else. 
If you've forgotten your password,  just enter your call sign and the word HELP in the password field, and the website will automatically e-mail your password to the e-mail address listed in the callbook for your callsign.

Call sign: EG: ZS2CLI
Password: EG: 12345

Having problems logging on to the Members-only section, the Forum or to SA QSL?

This page contains more information which should assist you.

Having trouble with the Members-only access?

Note that SARL passwords are case sensitive, ie: "Anypassword" is not the same as "ANYPASSWORD", "anypassword", "AnyPassword" or other variations..

If you have recently changed your call sign, please try both the old and new call sign, as changes may take some time to process.  Your password will remain the same for both old and new call signs.

Some listener members of the SARL may have a hyphen within the call sign, eg: "ZS6-0001" or "ZSL-999". If you cannot log in with the call sign printed on your membership card, try logging in without the hyphen or vice versa.

Once you have signed in with your call sign and password you may visit any part of  the SARL Web without being required to re-enter your password.  However, you may need to log in again if you take a hyperlink out of the SARL Web to another web site and then return.  You may also need to log in again if there has been no activity from you for a long period - something like 20 minutes or so!

The security system on the SARL Members-only Web relies on the use of temporary session cookies.  You will not be able to access the Members-only Web if cookies are disabled on your browser.

If you still encounter problems, please email the Webmaster

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