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CEPT Radio Amateur Licence Rules

SARL, CEPT and HAREC explained
CEPT T/R 61-01 in PDF Format
CEPT T/R 61-02 in PDF Format
Guest Licensing



CEPT Licensing in South Africa

8th February 1998: ICASA, the Independent Communications Authority of South African has received Confirmation from the European Radio Communication Office, that South Africa has been accepted as a signatory to and participant in the CEPT common amateur radio licence This means that the South African RAE and Amateur Radio Licence may now be used in any of the CEPT countries without needing to apply for a guest licence. The second part of the agreement permits full reciprocity between signatory countries without the need for a separate reciprocal agreement.  There are currently 44 countries covered by CEPT.

For those interested in CEPT licensing or for people wishing to operate an amateur radio station  from a foreign country, the entire CEPT T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02 documents are available. These are recommended reading if you are traveling to a CEPT country. These documents also include up to date lists of CEPT signatories and members.

Click here for an extract of the CEPT licensing rules.   The full ERC recommendation and some tables relating to CEPT is available here.

OH2MCN has a very good page about CEPT licensing at 

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