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SARL Mobile tutorial

Call Book

Accessing the SARL's new Mobile website is really very easy. The site now intelligently detects your phones capabilities and directs it to the version of the site most compatible with your phone. The site consists of three versions, an Ultralite WAP version, Lite GPRS version and the Full version.

Follow these simple steps on your GPRS enabled or WAP Cell phone to make a bookmark for faster access:

1. ) Goto your cell phones web browser / WAP browser application

2.) Find your Bookmark menu. ( Some might call it "Favourites".)

3. ) Enter the following address:

4. ) Save your new bookmark.

Now you'll have a bookmark to quickly take you straight to the SARL mobile web. Here you will find:

Mobile Call book

From the Mobi SARL main menu you simply sellect the "Mobile Call Book" option. Once you're there it works exactly the same as the online version and shares the same up to date database.

Mobile Swop Shop

From the Mobi SARL main menu you simply sellect the "Mobile Swop Shop" option. This is just a basic listing of the current swops available at that point in time.

Mobile News

From the main menu you simply select the News option you want for either the SARL news in English or Afrikaans or even the Hamnet News.

Mobile Repeater List

From the main menu you simply select the Repeater List option, this gives you a menu where you can view either 2m or 70cm repeaters. Very handy for travellers.

Mobile SA QSL

Here you can access the core functionality of the SARL's electronic QSL service, SA-QSL.Mobile services include capturing new QSOs, viewing and replying to QSOs sent to you and checking your WAZS progress.

Are'nt cellphones expensive?

The short answer is no. Costs vary from provider to provider, but all providers charge per byte and not for the time you spend on the website. Unbundled data connections cost around R2 per megabyte. East page on the SARL Mobile Web are only minute fractions of a megabyte and cost about R0.01 per page. Data prices keep falling as the various providers compete for market share, so watch the press for details.

The results of these pages are formatted for display on a small cell phone screen using limited bandwidth. We've tried out best to use simple code so that most cell phones will be able to use the service.


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