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The Editor - this page is under construction

The editor of Radio ZS is Dennis Green ZS4BS. He can be reached on 051 446 2039 (h) or obile 082 770 9126. Articles can be faxed to Dennis at: Fax: 088 051 446 2039. His e-mail address is

Material submitted for publication is to be sent to We welcome all amateur radio related material, technical as well as general. News items are also welcome, but please ensure that Radio ZS receives it at such a time that it will still be relevant by the time the next issue is published

Publication Dates - this page is under construction

Radio ZS is published at the end of January, March, May, July, September and November. Contributions for the next issue must reach the editor before or on the last day of the month before publication. To get an item published in the May / June issue it must reach the editor before or on the last day of April.

Writing for Radio ZS - 
this page is under construction

Do you have a story that will be interesting to other radio hams? Have you recently discovered something interesting by experimenting? Do you have a special interest that makes you an expert on some or other aspect of amateur radio? Do you have some ham radio related photograph for the cover page of Radio ZS? If so, and you wonder about the writing of an article or the presentation of the material, please contact the editor. Contact details are given above.

Here are some helpful guidelines for those interested in submitting articles for Radio ZS.

Electronic Text

Study the article in Radio ZS and follow the format of titles, subtitles, etc. Radio ZS uses 8pt Arial for ordinary text. Please do not underline titles and remember that tables have to fit an A5 page.
The preferred formats are MS Word or RTF, but ordinary TXT files can also be processed. Please do not include graphics in the text, but do indicate where it is intended to go. Submit graphics as separate files. Remember that Radio ZS is limited to 32 A5 pages. It is difficult for the editor to devote five or more pages to one article - 3 to 4 pages also better holds the reader's attention.


Because of the printing process and the type of paper used, photographs containing a lot of fine detail do not print well. Try to submit clear photographs - photos of groups for example, often print so poorly that individuals are not even recognizable. Take photos against a light background - especially photos of electronic equipment.
The format of graphics files can be .jpg. This format creates small files and is suitable for the black and white photos used inside Radio ZS. It is not suitable for cover photographs - these should be in bitmap (BMP) or TIF format. The resolution of photos is to be no less that 300 dots per inch. Line drawing will probably be decreased in size to fit the A5 format, so use thick lines and large captions to keep it legible.


Material taken unchanged from other magazines or books cannot be used without permission. When submitting such material, please include the letter from the original publisher giving permission for re-publication of the material. Should you however, rewrite the article, say to adapt it for local conditions, it can be used without permission.

Large files

Large files are difficult to e-mail and travel through the net slowly. Consider zipping large files to decrease transmission time or send separate message each with one file attached.

Should you have any other questions, please contact the editor. He will gladly help you, as it is much easier than getting another contributor.

Radio ZS needs your article

Deadline for articles

Contributions for the next issue must reach the editor on or before the last day of the month before publication.  Closing dates for 2014 are:

  • 12 March
  • 31 May
  • 30 June
  • 31 August
  • 30 October
  • 31 December 2014 

Advertising in Radio ZS

Radio ZS welcomes advertising. It is a good way of keeping the cost of Radio ZS down and is also a source of information for readers.
To place an advertisement in Radio ZS, contact Hans, ZS6AKV

Advertising Rates

Back coverColouron request
Double PageColouron request
Inside CoversB/Won request
Double PageB/Won request
Single PageB/Won request
Half PageB/Won request
Quarter PageB/Won request
Column-cmB/Won request
Loose Inserts on request


HamAds are free for members of the SARL, non-members pay per column-centimetre.


Radio ZS gets mailed at the end of odd numbered months - e.g. the Jan/Feb issue is mailed end January.


The opinions expressed in Radio ZS do not necessarily reflect the official view of the South African Radio League and the South African Radio League cannot be held responsible for incorrect information published.


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