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SARL sponsored Expo for young scientist award was won by St John's College Student Justin Boyce, a grade 11 learner at St John's College in Johannesburg. Justin set out to predict future Solar Coronal Mass Ejection activity by proving a correlation between the number of Coronal Mass ejections and the sunspot cycle. His findings were that CMEs and the sunspot cycle are both caused by intense activity in the Sun's magnetic field and therefore strong correlations can be expected. Predictions on the future of CMEs can be made using the repetitive pattern of the solar sunspot cycle.

As part of the Hendrik van der Bijl Awards programme Justin was awarded the South African Radio League Award, the SKA Award which includes a visit to the SKA site and a bursary interview He received several other awards including a silver medal and an opportunity to be interviewed to represent South Africa at the International Science festival. He was judged as the best entry in the Physics, Astronomy and Space Science Category.

The SARL award is a cash prize of R5 000 and an ARRL Handbook. He will be interviewed on Amateur Radio Today next Sunday.


Examination numbers for the October 2013 RAE are published on the SARL webpage Candidates will receive their letters via email shortly. All information must be thoroughly checked. Any queries must ONLY be directed to Gideon Jannasch, the RAE manager whose email address is to ensure there are no misunderstandings or delays. Note the SARL office does not handle RAE matters. Good luck to all candidates, luck with their last preparations and success when they write the examination on 17 October 2013 at 19:00 CAT.


The next SARL@Home will be held at the National Amateur Radio Centre on 18 October 2013. The event will be a practical session on how to work with surface mount components. The event will be supported with a CD with the presentation, videos and details about the FM transmitter that will be built during the session. The transmitter or FM bug is an ideal gadget in the shack to retransmit audio from a receiver on a free FM channel around the house. The cost for the event will be R200 for SARL members and R300 for non-members including the CD and kit of parts. Bookings will open on the SARL web next Thursday. Only 20 participants can be accepted. Participants must bring their own soldering station and magnifying glass. Magnifying glasses can be ordered as an extra . Full details will be on the booking form.


Plans to launch an unmanned high altitude balloon on 30 November 2014 have received the approval of the Central Airspace Management Unit (CAMU). Radio Amateurs are planning to launch radio equipment and do experiments at a height of about 40 or more kilometres The launch will take place from the Klerksdorp airport between 06:00 and 08:00 on Saturday 30 November. This is a joint project of the Gauteng Department of education and the South African Radio League aimed at getting young people involved scientific activities as a precursor to following a career in communication and electronics.

Chris Gryffenberg who is coordinating the project said that the mission will carry an Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) which will allow the monitoring of the balloon trajectory via the internet. Log onto For update on the activity visit

All radio Amateurs with an interest in the High Altitude Balloon Experiment are invited to the next HABEX meeting on 22 October 2013.

The meeting starts at 19:00 at the 9th Benoni Scout Hall in Ebenezer Road in Benoni.

For more information please contact OM Chris, ZS6COG, at


On September 29th, a long magnetic filament in the sun's northern hemisphere erupted producing what some observers are calling a magnificent Coronal Mass Ejection. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory or SoHo photographed the C-M-E leaving the sun at a speed of close to 2 million miles per hour. Although the event was not aimed at our planet, it was expected to receive a glancing blow from the plasma cloud beginning on or about October 3rd. Keep an eye on www. for the latest updates on this and other solar events that could impact on radio communications here on planet Earth.


The president of Serbia has travelled to the United States where he recently unveiled the Nikola Tesla Monument at Tesla's former laboratory in Long Island.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-born and later inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist. He is perhaps best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. For decades the Tesla Science Centre has been trying to set up a commemorative museum at the site of Nikola Tesla's old laboratory. Now those behind the project and who managed to raise over a million dollars in an internet crowd funding campaign, can celebrate the fact that their goal is finally starting to become a reality.


Because of the restricted width of two metre band, repeater frequencies have to be spaced 12,5 kHz apart. This spacing is in accordance with IARU recommendations and has been in effect for several years, it is not a new development.

The 12,5 kHz spacing doubles the number of channels that we had available on the old 25 kHz spacing. The disadvantage is that, with the closer spacing, repeater deviation has to be limited to prevent interference with the adjacent channels.

In the planning and allocation of two metre repeater frequencies, the allocation of adjacent channel frequencies to repeaters that are geographically close together, is avoided as far as possible. However, because of the crowding in the densely populated metropolitan areas, some occasional overlapping of repeater coverage is inevitable.

The amateur service is self-policing. This means that we manage our own affairs well enough that the authorities have no reason to exercise control. Maintaining this status implies that we have to solve our own interference problems.

Clubs and repeater custodians are requested to ensure that they comply with the band plan. This means that the deviation of a repeater must be so that its output signal does not spread into the adjacent channels. Likewise, individual operators have to set their transmitters to a deviation that prevents spreading into the input channel of repeaters on adjacent channels.

Compliance with this requirement can be legally enforced only by ICASA. Clubs can, however, contribute by pointing out cases of excessive deviation and with providing measurements and help with adjustments. Radio amateurs are reminded that failing to comply with these deviation requirements is causing wilful interference, which can compel the authorities to take disciplinary action - something we strenuously try to avoid.

For more information on this matter, please contact the SARL's councillor who is the VHF / UHF manager. He is Frik Wolff ZS6FZ and his contact details are available on the web.


It is made known that Boland Amateur Radio Club already affiliated with the SARL during last September.

1 383 members have already renewed their membership for 2013-2014 with the SARL.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


The CQ Hou Koers coordinators are looking for a Radio Amateur or amateurs who are willing to assist the Voortrekkers on 19 October 2013 with the CQ Hou Koers by setting up a field station at the De Bank Voortrekker terrain and to assist and facilitate the radio activities during the CQ Hou Koers activities.

Amateurs interested to assist please contact Chris Smit at 082 557 7655 or Andries Visagie at 083 405 0736.


At the recent AGM of the Magalies Radio Amateur Club the following members were elected to the committee to lead MRK during teh 2013/2014 term of service:

Chairman Thys, ZS6MJM
Vice Chairman Brian, ZS6YZ
Secretary Irene Myburgh
Technical Sam, ZS6JZ
Digital Hannes, ZS6JDE
Bulletins Johann, ZS6PSS
Social Peet, ZS6PGN
Teenspanning Pieter, ZS6BVT
Finance Louis, ZS6LWM
P R Chris, ZS6FCS


At the AGM of the Potchefstroom Amateur Radio Club held on 17 August 2013 the following members were elected to the committee for 2013/2014:
Chairman: Stef Terblanche, ZS6AOK
Vice Chairman: Joe Mayer, ZS6ANW
Treasurer: Chris Viljoen, ZS6BYQ
Secretary: André Geldenhius, ZR6GAA
Technical; Stef Terblanche, ZS6AOK & Gawie Genis ZS6GWD
Social: Annetjie Terblanche, ZR6BYG

Many thanks to the retiring committee members of the two clubs and strength to the new committees for what lies ahead.


This is a phone contest held over 2 sessions on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2013.

Both sessions take place only in the 40 and 80 m bands; the AM session on Saturday the 12th between 15:00 and 19:00 CAT and the SSB-sessie on Sunday the 13th between 15:00 and 19:00 CAT.

Frequencies to use are 7,053 to 7,100 MHz and 3,603 to 3,650 MHz.

Exchange - Call sign, RS and consecutive serial numbers starting at 001, plus type of radio used, eg HT37 Tx.

Points scoring: All valve radio - 3 points per contact; Hybrid (valve & solid state) - 2 points per contact; Solid State Radio - 1 point per contact.
Multiplier - All valve radio - 3 points per contact; Hybrid (valve & solid state) - 2 points per contact; Solid State Radio - 1 point per contact.

Certificates will be awarded to the first three places in each category.(AM/SSB)

All logs to be submitted to:
Southern African Antique Wireless Association, PO Box 12320, Benoryn,1504.
E-mail: andyzs6ady[at]vodamail[dot]co[dot]za.
Closing date for log submissions: 31 October 2013.
Please refer to the SARL Contest Manual for any queries.

SARL News invites clubs and individuals to submit news items of interest to radio amateurs and short-wave listeners. Submit news items - if possible in both English and Afrikaans to, not later than the Thursday preceding the bulletin date.


Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the expected solar activity will stay at low levels. Some low level C class flares are occurring around Sunspot 1 856 while all other regions remain stable.

If you want to do your own frequency predictions, the expected effective sunspot number for the week will be around 40.

All the bands from 20 to 10 m will provide lots of DX fun with 20 m providing the best openings with 15 m not far behind.

Please visit the new website h t t p:// for further information.

12 October - Antique Wireless Association AM valve QSO party 15:00 to 19:00 CAT.
13 October - Antique Wireless Association SSB valve QSO party 15:00 to 19:00 CAT.
17 October - Radio Amateur Examination.
18 October - SARL@Home at the National Amateur Radio Centre.
19 October - CQ Hou Koers.
22 October - High Altitude Balloon Experiment at 19:00 at the 9th Benoni Scout Hall, Ebenezer Road, Benoni.
30 November - High Altitude Balloon launch from Klerksdorp airport between 06:00 and 08:00.

31 October – Log sheets for Antique Wireless Association valve QSO party to be in.
31 December - Last day to submit amateur radio video; get details from

The SARL invites you to listen to Amateur Radio Today every Sunday morning at 10:00 CAT on 145,750 MHz in the Pretoria area, with relays on 7 082, 7 205, and 17 660 kHz. There is also a podcast by ZS6RO. For a web-stream and Echolink by ZS6FCS, visit, click on 'Amateur Radio Today', go down the green column and click on 'LISTEN ON THE WEB'. A repeat transmission can be heard on Mondays at 16:30 UTC on 3 230 kHz. The website also lists various other retransmissions. Reception reports, comments and suggestions are invited. Send an email to Sentech sponsors the transmissions on the non-amateur frequencies.

You have listened to a bulletin of the South African Radio League compiled and edited by George Honiball, ZS6NE.

Thank you for listening, 73.


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