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SARL Contest Manual and Forms

Contest Results

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"The Blue Book"

The SARL contest manual many years ago was a blue booklet and has evolved over the years to become a more modern Adobe Reader PDF file.

This file contains all the rules and instructions for the annual SARL contests. The following versions are available for download:

Reference Date Document Title File Type Size
2022-12-17 2023 SARL Contest Manual V_0 PDF 2.4 MB
2021-12-14 The Maidenhead Locator System PDF 92 kB
2020-12-16 General Logbook Sheet PDF 8 kB
2020-12-16 IARU Region 1 VHF Handbook V9.00 PDF 6.4 MB
2020-12-16 General Contest Log Sheet PDF 170 kB
2019-12-26 IARU Region 1 HF Managers Handbook Version 9 PDF 1.6 MB
2019-11-20 Ethics and Operating Procedure for the Radio Amateur EN IARU ed3 2 Jan 2009 PDF 605 kB

Forms and useful Tools and Documents for contesters

Reference Date Document Title File Type Size
2021-12-14 2022 Master Contest Log for the VHF UHF Contests XLSX 77 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL Hamnet 40m Simulated Emergency Contest Scoring Sheet XLSX 46 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL HF Phone and CW Log and Summary Sheet XLSX 114 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL NFD Log Sheet and Summary XLSX 196 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL QRP Contest Log Sheet XLSX 50 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL Saturday 40 m Club Contest XLSX 186 kB
2023-01-01 2023 SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Contest XLSX 141 kB
2020-12-16 ADIF to Excel to ADIF Convertor XLS 272 kB
2022-08-26 Application-for-the-Worked-Zone-38-Award DOCX 21 kB
2020-12-16 Excel to ADIF Converter XLSX 22 kB
2021-12-14 Master Contest Log for the 2022 VHF UHF Contests - zipped ZIP 83 kB
2023-01-10 PEARS VHF-UHF contest log sheet. XLSX 10 kB
2020-09-06 SARL-Newbie-Party-Log-and-Summary-Sheet 2022 XLS 70 kB

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