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26 May 2002
To: All current and new HAMNET members.

At the Council meeting of the SARL, held at the National Amateur Radio Centre in Radiokop, on Saturday 25 May 2002, the decision was taken to retain the old and established HAMNET I.D. card.

What I am going to do now is to establish who still have valid cards.

Should you have the old card? DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.
That indicates that you have a card, it is valid and you do not wish to renew the card.

Those who do not have a card PLEASE LET ME KNOW VIA E-MAIL.
This also applies where you have an old card with an incorrect or changed call sign on the card.

To all Provincial Directors, please help me by getting the necessary information from your local members and let me know by the end of July who needs a new card.

I am in the process of obtaining a supply of the old card, which may revamped it if necessary, and a Laminating machine. We did have one many years ago, but Keith, ZS5WFD, has indicated that he may have a spare in working order. This machine will, in due course, make its way up to me so I can start issuing new cards. However, please note, if the old card conforms to standards, there should be no reason to alter it in any way.

Please be aware, the I.D. card needs a recent photograph of you.

Many, if not all of us, went through the issue of the new Drivers License I.D. card. That is the exact size of the photo we need for the HAMNET card. Should you still have some of these photos filed away somewhere, please let me have one with your CALL SIGN on the reverse.

This is a one-off, and the other reason why we decided to stick to the old – to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The moment I have a Laminating machine, all will be done.

Should there be any queries, please contact me via e-mail or via landline at 011 679.5260 or via fax at 011 475.5946.

Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Francois Botha

PS. Whilst you are about it, if ANYTHING about your station has changed, now is update time.

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