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Reciprocal Licensing - SA Citizens visiting foreign countries

This information is for South African Amateurs who wish to travel overseas and use temporary facilities.

South Africa is a signatory to the CEPT agreement. This means that your ZR or ZS licence will be recognised in all other CEPT territories. No application is needed if you are visiting for a priod less than 3 months .
It is however essntial to have the following paperwork with you.


1   A  HAREC certificate,  in English, French and German.

2  Your passport.

3  A valid South African Amateur Radio Licence

For a wealth of information on guest licensing in many countries see the ARRL Web Site and the IARU Web site, which contains contact names, addresses and telephone numbers for member organisations all over the world.

Guest Licensing - Visitors to South Africa



The South African Radio League has negotiated a special arrangement with the South African regulator, ICASA, for licensed amateurs from SADC countries visiting South Africa. Temporary operating permission can be obtained by sending an email to Dewald Kuhrau at with the following documents, a copy of the photopage of your passport, a copy of a valid amateur licence, the period visiting South Africa and address details  when in South Africa or mobile number or both. Allow 5 working days for processing. No fees are required


Radio Amateurs who hold a HAREC or a License from a CEPT Country or a country which has affiliated with CEPT may operate in South Africa as a visitor for a maximum period of 3 months after arriving in South Africa.  The callsign to  be used is ZS (1 – 6) / their own home call sign.

 A CEPT Licensee does not qualify for a permanent license and  applicants will have to sit the RAE and obtain a Radio Operators Certificate except where a reciprocal  agreement is in place  

Visitors must inform the SARL of their visit, dates and contact details while in South Africa.  Supply this information at least one week before your visit to

The following section only applies to visitors from  a non CEPT countries See above for visitors from CEPT countries

For visitors to South Africa from countries having reciprocal agreements with South Africa, the SARL will negotiate a guest licence on their behalf with the ICASA.

Application forms are available from the SARL, or can be printed directly off this web page. Completed documents can be emailed to The following documentation and fee is required.

  1. Copy of the applicant's current operating  license 
  2. Copy of the ID page of the applicant's passport.
  3. Letter informing ICASA of your stay in South Africa
  4. Application form correctly completed.
  5. Payment of R140.00 by bank transfer, or by credit card details furnished with the application form ( If you wish the SARL office to process your application. ).

Please do not send cheques in foreign currency. Only payments in South African Rands can be accepted.

South Africa has reciprocal agreements with the following countries

United States of America
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

When all is done and you are in South Africa with your guest licence, you will simply sign
ZS?/ ( Home Call) where the '?' is the area you are in. Click here for a map showing the different call zones.

People wishing to take up South African Residence and apply for a South African Licence / Call sign

In South Africa, South African call signs can be issued to against recognised Amateur Radio Licences from other countries with which South Africa has a reciprocal agreement i.e

United States of America
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Send thefolliwng to

  • Certified copy of your passport and visa or residentail permit
  • Certified copy of your licence as issued by the authority in your country.
  • Certified copy of your HAREC certificate.
  • South African Licence application form.
  • Choice of 5 call signs
  • R260.00 either paid into the ICASA Licensing account at your nearest post office. Or cheque made out to ICASA for licence and application fees. If you pay at a post office please include proof of payment. ICASA account number at the post office is 007 000 000
If you apply from outside South Africa, pay the required fee by bank transfer and make sure that you carry the cost of the bank transfer

ICASA has the final say on the issuing of licenses. Please allow around 1 calendar month for your application. ( some are quick, some are slow. )


For SA Amateurs who want to visit Namibia:

Thanks to the NARL for sending us a link to their site where they maintain the latest news regarding Guest Licensing in that country. Visit their website at:


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