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Reciprocal Licensing - SA Citizens visiting foreign countries

This information is for South African Amateurs who wish to travel overseas and use temporary facilities.

South Africa is a signatory to the CEPT agreement. This means that your ZR or ZS licence will be recognised in all other CEPT territories. No application is needed if you are visiting for a priod less than 3 months . It is however essntial to have the following paperwork with you.

1   A  HAREC certificate,  in English, French and German.

2  Your passport.

3  A valid South African Amateur Radio Licence

For a wealth of information on guest licensing in many countries see the ARRL Web Site and the IARU Web site, which contains contact names, addresses and telephone numbers for member organisations all over the world.

Guest Licensing - Visitors to South Africa


The South African Radio League has negotiated a special arrangement with the South African regulator, ICASA, for licensed amateurs from SADC countries visiting South Africa. Temporary operating permission can be obtained by sending an email to Dewald Kuhrau at with the following documents, a copy of the photopage of your passport, a copy of a valid amateur licence, the period visiting South Africa and address details  when in South Africa or mobile number or both. Allow 5 working days for processing. No fees are required


Radio Amateurs who hold a HAREC or a License from a CEPT Country or a country which has affiliated with CEPT may operate in South Africa as a visitor for a maximum period of 3 months after arriving in South Africa.  The callsign to  be used is ZS (1 – 6) / their own home call sign.

 A CEPT Licensee does not qualify for a permanent license and  applicants will have to sit the RAE and obtain a Radio Operators Certificate except where a reciprocal  agreement is in place  

Visitors must inform the SARL of their visit, dates and contact details while in South Africa.  Supply this information at least one week before your visit to


The following section only applies to visitors from  a non CEPT countries

For visitors to South Africa from countries having reciprocal agreements with South Africa, the SARL will negotiate a guest licence on their behalf with the ICASA.

Application forms are available from the SARL or can be printed directly off this web page. Completed documents can be emailed to The following documentation and fee is required.

  1. Copy of the applicant's current operating  license 
  2. Copy of the ID page of the applicant's passport.
  3. Letter informing ICASA of your stay in South Africa
  4. Application form correctly completed.
  5. Payment of R140.00 by bank transfer, or by credit card details furnished with the application form (If you wish the SARL office to process your application.).

Please do not send cheques in foreign currency. Only payments in South African Rands can be accepted.

South Africa has reciprocal agreements with the following countries - United States of America; United Kingdom; Israel; The Netherlands; Switzerland; Germany; Chile; Portugal; Botswana; Swaziland

When all is done and you are in South Africa with your guest licence, you will simply sign ZS?/ ( Home Call) where the '?' is the area you are in. Click here for a map showing the different call zones.

People wishing to take up South African Residence and apply for a South African Licence / Call sign

In South Africa, South African call signs can be issued to against recognised Amateur Radio Licences from other countries with which South Africa has a reciprocal agreement i.e

United States of America
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Send the following to

  • Certified copy of your passport and visa or residentail permit
  • Certified copy of your licence as issued by the authority in your country.
  • Certified copy of your HAREC certificate.
  • South African Licence application form.
  • Choice of 5 call signs
  • R260.00 either paid into the ICASA Licensing account at your nearest post office. Or cheque made out to ICASA for licence and application fees. If you pay at a post office please include proof of payment. ICASA account number at the post office is 007 000 000
If you apply from outside South Africa, pay the required fee by bank transfer and make sure that you carry the cost of the bank transfer

ICASA has the final say on the issuing of licenses. Please allow around 1 calendar month for your application (some are quick, some are slow.)

For SA Amateurs who want to visit our Neighbours:

Angola, D2

Institut Angolias des Communications (INACOM)

Avenida Dr. António Agostinho Neto, nº 25 
Zona C, Praia do Bispo
Cx. Postal 1459
Luanda - Angola

Telephone: +244 222 210 666

Facsimile: +244 222 210 670




No Amateur Radio Member Society


Botswana, A2


Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA)

Plot 50671 Independence Avenue

Gaborone, Botswana

Telephone: +267 395 7755

Facsimile: +267 395 7976




A2 Amateur Radio Licence Application Form 

Botswana Amateur Radio Society (BARS)
E-mail: A22LR
President: Rene Lombard, A22LR
IARU Liaison:

Lesotho, 7P8


Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA)

30 Princess Margaret Road, Old Europa,

Maseru 100, Lesotho

Telephone: +266 2222 4300 / +266 5222 1300



Office hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 to 12:45 and 14:00 to 17:00


7P8 Amateur Radio Licence Application Form 

Lesotho Amateur Radio Society (LARS)
President: Leon Tromp, 7P8EK (ZS4LT)
Secretary: Vacant



The Regulatory Authority for Communication Technologies (ARTEC) 

Ravoninahitriniarivo Alarobia – 101



Telephone: +261 20 22 421 19




Maritime, Aerospace and Amateur

Officers handling aircraft on board ships or aircraft must hold a radio operator certificate issued by ARTEC.

Any candidate for radio operator certification examinations must submit to ARTEC:

1- A handwritten application form addressed to the Director General mentioning the category to be passed;

2- A money order or a check non-endorsable check to the order of ARTEC, an amount of Ar 9.000 (about R34,49) corresponding to the right of examination;

3- Three 4 × 4 identity photos;

4- An extract from the Criminal Record No. 3 or a legal photocopy of the passport for foreigners;

5- A certificate of birth certificate or birth certificate.


No Amateur Radio Member Society


Malawi, 7Q

Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)
Salmin Amour Road
Private Bag 261
Telephone: +265 (0) 1 883 611
Facsimile: +265 (0) 1 883 890
E-mail: or

No Amateur Radio Member Society


Mauritius, 3B


Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA)

Level 12, The Celicourt

6, Sir Celicourt Antelme Street

Port Louis, Mauritius

Telephone: (+230) 211 5333

Facsimile: (+230) 211 9444




3B8 Amateur Radio Licence Application Form 

3B8 Amateur Radio Application Form RA25 


Mauritius Amateur Radio Society (MARS)

#6 Shastri Road, Candos, Quatre-Bornes

PO Box 104, Quatre Bornes

Telephone: +230 424 5866 HQ; +230 686 5687 3B8GF; +230 424 5866 3B8CF

Facsimile: +230 424-5866 HQ

E-mail: 3B8CF


President: Patrick Randamy, 3B8GF

Secretary: Seewoosankar Mandary, 3B8CF


Mozambique, C9


Instituto Nacional das Communicacoes de Mozambique (INCM)

Praça 16 de Junho, n.º 340,

Bairro da Malanga CP 848


Phone: +258 21 227100

Facsimile: General +258 21 016 211; Radiocommunications and Technology Directorate     

+258 21 029 660

Mobile: +258 82 328 3850 or +258 84 398 5951




Liga dos Radio Emissores de Mocambique (LREM)

PO Box 25,



Telephone: +258 1 30 41 07

President: Anselmo Ferrao, C91D

Secretary: Silvano Fabbri, C91A

IARU liaison: President

Last updated: 23-Feb-2005


Namibia, V5


Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN)

Communications House

56 Robert Mugabe Avenue



Private Bag 13309


Namibia, 9000

Telephone: +264 61 222 666

Facsimile: +264 61 222 790




V5 Amateur Radio Licence Application Form 


Namibian Amateur Radio League (NARL)

PO Box 1100,

Windhoek 9000

Telephone: +264 (81) 124 0348 V51JP

E-mail: HQ

President: Werner Muller, V51JP

Secretary: Arnold Kollmann, V51BI


Reunion Island


Reunion as part of France falls under the CEPT agreement.

Contact ARRA before visiting the Island to get information about amateur radio operation.


Radioamateurs de La Réunion Reunion (ARRA)



Swaziland, 3DA


Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC)

Phutfumani Building,

Mahlokohla Street,


Telephone: (00268) 2405 2000

Toll Free: 800 2000

Facsimile: (00268) 2405 2020



Andy Cory, 3DA0TM E-mail:

Radio Society of Swaziland (RSS)
Address: PO Box 351, Loamba
Telephone: +09268 6028080 3DA0BD, +09268 602653 3DA1CA
Chairman: Willie Long, 3DA0BD
Secretary: Peter McCullough, 3DA1CA
IARU liaison: Chairman
Last updated: 04-Dec-2009
Zambia, 9J

Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA)
Plot 4909, Corner of Independence and United Nations AvenueLusaka
Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority
PO Box 36871, Lusaka
Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:00
Telephone: +26 021 137 8200 / 244424-27

9J Amateur Radio Licence Application Form
Radio Society of Zambia (RSZ)
Address: PO Box 34554, Lusaka
Telephone: +2600 97 772 0318 9J2BO +260 95 000 7000 9J2MM
E-mail: 9J2BO, 9J2MM
President: Brian Otter, 9J2BO
Secretary: Mupanga Mwanakatwe, 9J2MM
Zimbabwe, Z2
Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)
1008 Performance Close, Mt Pleasant Business ParkPO Box MP843
Mount Pleasant
Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone: +263 4 333032
Facsimile: +263 4 333041
E-mail: or
Z2 Amateur Radio Licence Application Form
Zimbabwe Amateur Radio Society (ZARS)
c/o Chuck Gardiner,
PO Box EH 91,
Emerald Hill, Harare
Telephone: +263 (4) 302 152
E-mail: Z21LV, Z21LW, Z21BB
President: Athol Masdoll, Z21LV
Vice President: Fernando Arroyo, Z21BB
Secretary: Chuck Gardiner, Z21LW

Kenyon Stamps, Z21LE 


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