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Report interference on amateur radio frequencies to the ICASA Regional Manager in your area. If your transmission or repeater is interfered with by an unlicensed person, note as much detail as possible and report the case for investigation. By policing the amateur bands and reporting transgressions by non-licensed persons we protect the future of the amateur radio spectrum.

Send a copy of your email to  to allow   the SARL to monitor how wide spread the problem is.  

Regional Manager

Regional Office

Clement T. Mametja

Gauteng  -

012 568 3988

Tricia Wallace- Roberts

Mpumalanga -

 013 001 1364

Kingsley Mokomane

Limpopo -

015 001 0041

Derrac Matthew

Free State -

 051 411 5901

Desmond Johns

Western Cape -

021 568 3251

Refilwe Ramatlo

North West -

012 568 3251

Nsizwa Gumede

KwaZulu-Natal  -

031 334 9512   

Machoene Thupana

Northern Cape  -

012 568 3042

Marcel Holster

Eastern Cape -

041 394 1601


Become a Radio Amateur 

Are you interested in getting an amateur radio licence in South Africa? This page will show you what the requirements are, how to get in touch with local clubs, how the examinations work, and much more.

South African Radio Regulations

There are two classes of licence, Class A and Class B.

Class A licensees (prefix ZR or ZS) are required to pass the Class A Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) and complete the HF operating certificate, while Class B licensees (prefix ZU) need to pass the class B Radio Amateur Examination and complete the HF operating certificate. ZU licencees are restricted in terms of the bands available, output power and some other minor items. RAE courses are conducted by many clubs around the country. Contact your closest club for more information. The examination is held twice a year, usually in May and October. Click here for a list of examination centres.

Class B (prefix ZU) Age Restriction

Candidates have to  be under 20 years old to apply for a ZU licence and when they turn 25 are required to upgrade to class A (ZS or ZR) by writing and passing the class A examination.

Current class B licence holders have until 31 March 2013 to upgrade. After  that date their ZU licence will not  be renewed.


The Authority has announced that all persons over 25 years old can no longer renew their ZU licence from 1 April 2017.

More details  

With the publication of the new radio regulations earlier this year, the much talked about age restriction for ZU license holders was implemented. Persons under 20 years old can write the class B examination and if successful can hold a ZU or class B license until 25 years old after which, if they would like to continue with Amateur Radio, have to sit the class A examination to qualify for a class A (ZS/ZR license).

During the discussion stage of this new regulation the SARL was requested to approach ICASA to review their decision, which the SARL did at two occasions when ICASA invited comments on their proposal.  ICASA strongly believes that the class B license prime purpose was to create opportunities for young people to enter Amateur Radio and based on that premises implemented the new regulation. 

The SARL requested ICASA to allow a reasonable period for ZU licences over 25 to upgrade. ICASA agreed to this.  The Authority has announced that all persons over 25 years old can no longer renew their ZU licence from 1 April 2017. In a letter to the affected licensees, currently being mailed, ICASA recommends that the affected persons enrol for a class A license course and write the next RAE in May or October 2016  (SARL NEWS 8 November 2015)

Morse Code in South Africa

There is no morse code requirement for an amateur radio licence in South Africa.

Band Plans

South Africa falls within ITU Region 1, and the band allocations are therefore similar to those for Europe and Northern Asia. Click here for the full South African band plans.

Guest Licences

Amateurs from other countries who wish to obtain guest licences while visiting South Africa should click here for more information.

South African licence holders wishing to obtain guest licences in other countries should refer to the excellent information on the ARRL web site at and for operating permit information per country at

Use of Amateur Radio in a vehicle clarified

These regulations can be found in the Road Traffic Ordinance 308A.

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