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APRS .POS Import tutorial.

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Repeater Coverage map

Repeater Grid Square map


Notes on importing Repeater lists into APRS

As a value added service from the SARL Ui-View users can now import the APRS overlay text and display the locations of all these devices as follows:

  • Click on the APRS logo (members only) to display the location information text in APRS format.

  • Highlight all the text and copy it to the clipboard. CTRL+C

  • Open Notepad and paste the text into the blank notepad document. CTRL+V

  • Save the file to your Ui-View program folder in the Overlays subfolder.

  • Save the file as .pos (e.g. SARL repeaters.pos)

  • Close Notepad

  • From within Ui-View, select Action, Overlays, Load Overlay, and browse to the new file you just saved.

  • Double click on the filename, or select it and click "open".

  • All repeaters will be plotted at their respective locations.

These will not be beaconed out over the air, but are only icons on your local PC
Separate files can be saved for each device type, and loaded on top of each other
To show a list all overlays plotted, go to Lists, Overlays.

Thanks to Chris Scarr ZS2AAW for providing this information.

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Last modified: 20 July 2005