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Unmanned Device report for: 70cm Repeater  ZU9NSD

Licence number: 4172056  Sponsoring club: Pretoria Amateur Radio Club 
Contact: Craig Symington ZS6RH
Postal Address: PO Box 73696, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040 
RF Details      
Make and Model: Motorola CM140 
TX Frequency: 438.8250 MHz. RX Frequency: 431.2250 MHz.
TX Power: 10 W.  Receiver Sensitivity: -124 dB. 
TX CTCSS Fz.: 88.5  RX CTCSS Fz.: 88.5 
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz.  Feeder Type: 1/2' Suhner 
Feeder Length: 36 m.  Antenna Gain: 3 dB. 
Antenna Type: Omni Directional  Antenna Height: 36 m. AGL. 
Squelch Setting: -115 dB.     
Link Details      
Link Make and Model: Motorola CM 140 with RICK (adapted) 
Link TX Freq.: 145..125 MHz.  Link RX Freq.: 145..725 MHz. 
Link TX Power: 5 W.  Link DTMF Switch:  
Link Sensitivity: -120 dB.  Link Squelch: -100 dB. 
Link Ant. Gain: 0 dB.  Link Antenna Type: Omni Directional 
Link Ant Height: 10 m.  RPT Isolate DTMF:  
Link Destination: Radcliff 
Link Network: PARC Repeater 145.725 
Power Supply Mains with Battery Backup     
Geographic data      
City / Town: Midrand  Site Location: Webb Midrand High School 
Latitude: 2559"15' S  Longitude: 2807"04' E 
Site Elevation: 1587 m.  Grid Locator: KG44BH 
Last Updated: 2014/12/03  Posted By:  ZS6RH 
Other Details      
  Now operational from Midrand as a gap-filler past New Road. 3 minute TOT from UHFto VHF to prevent accidental "lockdown". Unlimited TX from VHF for bulletins. PARC wishes to thank Webb Industries for the use of this site. For info zs6rh.