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Repeaters in Southern Africa

Repeater Guide

Repeater Coverage map

Repeater Grid Square map


Note on offsets in South Africa

2 metre repeaters: The offset is generally -600 kHz, ie:  The transmit frequency is 600 kHz lower than the nominal repeater output frequency.
70 cm repeaters: There are two sets of repeater offsets, depending on the output frequency range as follows:
Output frequency Split
434.600-434.975 MHz - 1.6 MHz
438.650-439.425 MHz - 7.6 MHz
CTCSS In South Africa, there is an agreement that repeaters using CTCSS use 88.5 Hz

Repeater Call signs

In South Africa repeaters are allocated ZU9 prefixed call signs, there are some older repeaters predating this system with normal ZS call signs but they are very few in number. The suffix of the ZU9 repeaters was initially an indication of their location ( like a maidenhead locator of sorts ) but this soon became a problem as one site might have a 2m and 70cm repeater, both repeaters could not have the same call sign.

Today ZU9 calls are still allocated this way but the location data in the suffix is not used anymore. Unique call signs are simply issued for new repeaters on application. Location data is now stored in an online database for each repeater.

Cape Linked Repeater Network

The primary design spec was to develop a system that allows some diversity in its configuration.

Various repeaters can either be coupled together or isolated, and the backbone links can be broken at various points.  The benefit of this is the number of possible linking scenarios for special events in the area, and the easy isolation of interference.  
Click here for a schematic of the entire Cape Linked Repeater System.
Click here for a link the PEARS web site.

NAT.U.R.N. (Natal Uhf Repeater Network)

The Naturn repeater system provides both mobile / base and good portable coverage in the greater Durban and surrounding areas.

The aim when expanding is to create a triangular coverage effect successfully resulting in coverage into at least two or more repeaters at any location.This is true in most cases but no system is perfect.
Click here to view a map of the system ( from ZS5WT Website )
Click here to visit the Naturn Page on the ZS5WT Website.

Repeater owners please note:

ICASA have informed the SARL that an investigation is being carried out countrywide to identify any illegal repeaters, both commercial and amateur, and the penalties for operators without a current licence are extremely severe. The current legislation allows for a jail sentence, as well as a massive fine, and possible confiscation of the equipment. Please check your repeater licences and make sure that they are all up to date.

NEW Repeater Guide

This new live and fully interactive database is being developed to replace the lists of Repeaters, BBS's, Beacons and nodes around South Africa. The old lists have required someone to baby sit them and as a result are often not completely up to date. This new online system allows repeater managers to quickly and effectively update their repeater / unmanned device data in real time as it happens.

With this data the SARL will better be able to deal with new licence applications and also help combat interference. Other spin offs are possible if quality data can be collected.

Click here to go to this new resource.

Note: This system is still being developed so feedback would be most greatly appreciated.

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