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IARU Monitoring System

IARU Monitoring System

IARU Monitoring System

The IARU Monitoring System is a worldwide service authorized by the IARU Administrative Council. It is the obligation of the IARU and its member-societies to defend the interests of the Amateur Services as stated in the IARU Constitution. The IARU Monitoring System is served by many dedicated volunteers who have served effectively for many years. Each of the three IARU regional organizations selects and appoints an IARU MS Regional Coordinator. The IARU Monitoring System operations are coordinated by the Monitoring System Committee (MSC). The SARL is a member of the IARU Monitoring Service.

One of the primary objectives of the IARU Monitoring System is the identification and initiation of steps leading to the removal from amateur bands of radio signals of non-amateur stations causing harmful interference to the amateur satellite services contrary to International Telecommunications Union and national radio regulations. Typical intruders include shortwave broadcasters, Over the Horizon Radar, CODAR, unlicensed operators on the bands including taxicabs on 10 metres and fishermen on various bands, military RTTY and beacons, fishnet beacons and various types of jamming signals.

Interested parties who want to report intruders on the amateur bands are encouraged to send their observations to the Regional Coordinators and include the following information: your identification (organization-call sign), the frequency, time in UTC, the day, month, any possible identification of the signal, mode, signal strength, direction bearing and any remarks that help describe the signal. In addition, a very beneficial piece of information is a recording of the signal preferably in the form of a wav file that may be e-mailed for quick evaluation.

The IARU Region 1 Monitoring System can be found here.

The following documents are available for download:

Reference Date Document Title File Type Size
2020-07-07 IARUMS Monthly Newsletter June 2020 PDF 1.6 MB
2020-06-10 IARUMS Newsletter May 2020 PDF 2.5 MB
2020-05-09 IARUMS Newsletter April 2020 PDF 1.3 MB
2020-04-15 IARUMS Newsletter March 2020 PDF 962 kB
2020-03-09 IARUMS Newsletter February 2020 PDF 919 kB
2020-02-08 IARUMS Newsletter January 2020 PDF 918 kB
2020-01-08 IARUMS News December 2019 PDF 1012 kB
2019-12-08 IARUMS News November 2019 PDF 1011 kB
2019-11-09 IARUMS News October 2019 PDF 1.3 MB
2019-10-09 IARUMS News Seotember 2019 PDF 1.1 MB
2019-09-08 IARUMS News August 2019 PDF 1023 kB
2019-08-09 IARUMS News July 2019 PDF 1.2 MB
2019-07-09 IARUMS News June 2019 PDF 932 kB
2019-06-10 IARUMS News May 2019 PDF 895 kB
2019-05-12 IARUMS News April 2019 PDF 966 kB
2019-04-09 IARUMS News March 2019 PDF 915 kB
2019-03-10 IARUMS News February 2019 PDF 1.2 MB
2019-02-09 IARUMS News January 2019 PDF 1.1 MB
2019-01-11 IARUMS News December 2018 PDF 701 kB
2018-12-09 IARUMS News November 2018 PDF 1.0 MB
2018-11-10 IARUMS News October 2018 PDF 1.0 MB
2018-10-09 IARUMS News September 2018 PDF 1.1 MB
2018-09-18 IARUMS News August 2018 PDF 951 kB
2018-08-09 IARUMS News July 2018 PDF 875 kB
2018-07-09 IARUMS News June 2018 PDF 1.1 MB
2018-06-09 IARUMS News May 2018 PDF 1.1 MB
2018-05-10 IARUMS News April 2018 PDF 1.2 MB
2018-04-10 IARUMS News March 2018 PDF 1.0 MB
2018-03-13 IARUMS News February 2018 PDF 1.0 MB
2018-02-10 IARUMS News January 2018 PDF 1.1 MB
2017-12-10 IARUMS Newsletter November 2017 PDF 1023 kB
2017-11-12 IARUMS News October 2017 PDF 1.8 MB
2017-10-10 IARUMS Newsletter September 2017 PDF 704 kB
2017-07-11 IARU MS Newsletter June 2017 PDF 1.3 MB
2017-05-16 IARUMS Newsletter April 2017 PDF 1.1 MB
2017-03-09 IARUMS News February 2017 PDF 1012 kB
2017-02-08 IARUMS Newsletter January 2017 PDF 1.6 MB
2017-01-13 IARUMS News December 2016 PDF 799 kB
2016-10-21 Test IARUMS document PDF 10 kB
2016-01-29 SARL IARUMS Report 29 Jan 2016 PDF 2.7 MB
2016-01-01 Extract of reported intruders - Jan 2016 PDF 198 kB

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