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What is QSLing and why do it?
Why Electronic QSLs?
How does it work?
How much does it cost?
How do I send QSLs on this system?
Can I work with either my old call sign or one of my secondary call signs?
How can I manage QSLs for my Club?
What is the scope of SA-QSL?
What about security?
Where can I quickly view new cards that I've received?
How do I claim points on the system?
I have a friend who does not have internet, can he/she use SA-QSL?

What is QSLing and why do it?

  • QSLing is very basically confirming a two way contact with another amateur radio station, or as a shortwave listener confirming that a station was heard at his receiving station.
  • Why do it? Confirmation of contacts is required for may operating awards as well as for things like the licence upgrade assessment.

Why Electronic QSLs?

  • As anyone who has tried to get the paper cards posted to them in sufficient numbers to achieve a Worked all ZS award will tell you, its almost impossible to get people to post off the cards you require. Now with modern technology you could work 100 contacts over a weekend and submit your log right away. As people log into the website during the following week and see your QSL to them all they need to do is click once with their mouse to confirm your contact. This means that in theory it would be quite possible that within a week you could get most of your 100 contacts confirmed.
  • This process is infinitely cheaper, faster and simpler than the old method of posting cards.

How does it work?

  • Exactly like the old paper QSL card method. ZS1ABC sends a SA-QSL card to ZS6XYZ, ZS6XYZ receives the card and the credit for the contact, unless ZS6XYZ rejects the card by deleting it.

    Now if ZS6XYZ accepts the card and acknowledges it by ticking the reply box and submitting the reply then ZS1ABC will receive a reply and also be credited.

    Just like the paper based system, if ZS6XYZ does not reply then unfortunately ZS1ABC's efforts go unrewarded. If ZS6XYZ ticks the reply box and submits the reply then his work is done and the reply process for him is extremely quick and easy.

How much does it cost?

  • The SA-QSL service is 100% free.

How do I send QSLs on this system?

  • You can capture QSOs into the system manually one at a time from here.
  • Or if you use Logging software which supports ADIF logbook standard exports you can upload your QSOs in bulk from here.

Can I work with either my old call sign or one of my secondary call signs?

  • The Short answer is: Yes. Take a look at the list of call signs available to you from the list on the top left menu area.
  • Once you've chosen another of your call signs to work with note the change in the green menu at the top of all pages in the SA-QSL system.
  • If there are no call signs listed, please visit the call book and update in the message area give details of your old call sign including old licence numbers asking that it be listed.
  • If you want to link your other call signs to your primary call sign click here.

How can I manage QSLs for my club?

  • Your club can nominate one or more members to act as QSL manager for the club's QSLs
  • The Club Chairman or Secretary should send an email to the Webmaster, requesting that the member be nominated as QSL manager for the club callsign.
  • Once the QSL manager has been recorded the member will be able to select either his/her own callsign or the club callsign after signing in to the SA QSL system.
  • If the club operates more than one licenced callsign then the same procedure should be followed to allocate a QSL manager for each callsign.

What is the scope of SA-QSL?

  • This system is intended for use by South Africans wishing to QSL with fellow South Africans.
  • Contacts confirmed here are eligible for SARL awards such as the Worked All ZS Award and Top Band Certificate.
  • DX QSOs will not be stored here at this time.

What about security?

  • All users of the system will need to log into the SARL website and be authenticated. You can only post contacts as yourself so as to eliminated the possibility of fraud.
  • Points can only be claimed against QSLs received.

Where can I quickly view new cards that I've received?

  • From the My New QSLs page, you can see any new unconfirmed QSLs you've received.
  • You will also have the option from this screen to reply with just one click of the mouse for each QSL you've received.

How do I claim points on the system?

  • Reports can be drawn on your received QSLs, these reports will be used to by the SARL to check whether or not you qualify for the award or upgrade that you're applying for.
  • When claiming points you will need to furnish proof that you held the callsign you're claiming against over the period during which the points we collected.

I have a friend who does not have internet, can he/she use SA-QSL?

  • Yes he/she can. As a free service to those without internet the webmaster in his spare time will capture replies to cards waiting for such people. See the "Lookup" option at the bottom of the left hand side menu of the SA-QSL home page.

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