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SARL Amateur Radio Hall of Fame Rules

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SARL Hall of Fame Rules
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The SARL Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

V1.1 2016-10-19

This Hall of Fame recognises South African licenced radio amateurs who have contributed significantly to amateur radio. Its purpose is to recognise lasting contributions to the development of amateur radio and to preserve its history in South Africa.

Nominations to the Hall of Fame must be submitted in the form of an essay outlining the person’s contribution. The inclusion of photographs is strongly encouraged. The essay should contain 200 to 500 words. Sustained activity over a period of at least five years is required. The outcome must benefit amateur radio as a whole and must last for decades. Personal operating achievements are not grounds for inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

Nominations that comply with the requirements outlined above will be included with the minutes of the SARL Annual General Meeting and archived on the Hall of Fame home page on the SARL Web site. The closing date for nominations is the last day of February. Voting will be conducted electronically.

At the 2016 SGM it was decided that a further batch of a maximum of 10 inductees will be inducted at the 2017 SARL AGM and that from 2018, a maximum of one living and one deceased member will be inducted each year.

The SARL Amateur Radio Hall of Fame Voting Rules

Voting is open to all SARL members in good standing. Votes shall take place during March, commencing no more than ten days after the nomination deadline.

Nominations will not be carried over from one year to the next. However, nominations from a previous year may be re-submitted.

Voting in 2017

Each member shall have five votes. The member may exercise one or more of these votes, but no more than one vote shall be cast for any particular nominee.

Nominees shall be ranked in order of the number of votes received. All nominees receiving at least half of the median votes received by all nominees shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame, up to a maximum of ten. If the tenth nominee is tied with another nominee or nominees that would result in more than ten inductions, all those tied nominations shall be disregarded.

Subsequent votes from 2018

Each member shall have one vote. Votes shall be counted separately for living and deceased nominees.

The overall leader in both categories jointly, shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If the leader in the other category has attracted at least one-third of the votes of the overall leader, that nominee shall also be inducted.

In the event of a tie between leading nominees, another round of voting between these two nominees shall take place. All SARL members shall be eligible to vote in this second ballot, but all members that voted in the first round shall be notified by email that the second ballot is taking place. 

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