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Radio Regulations

Comments have been made regarding an SARL-HAMNET member chasing operators off a "preferred" or "Centre of Activity Frequency" and also that it is the operators "right" to choose where he wants to operate. The attitude of "I was here first" is a little selfish and not in the true spirit of amateur radio. 

This applies specifically to 7:110MHz, 3:760MHz and 14:300MHz. Please consider the following;

  1. Please keep your transmissions short and leave a reasonable pause between transmissions to allow a station to make a call.
  2. The argument that H.F is not like 2 meters where only one signal is heard at all times, does not hold water. A weak signal cannot be heard when normal power or even high power is being used. Leaving a long pause again allows the weaker signal to be heard.
  3. 7:110MHz is not the ONLY frequency where 40M propagation can be checked. You can check propagation on ANY frequency from 7:000 to 7:199MHz.
  4. If 7:110MHz is going to be used as a contact or calling frequency, by all means go ahead. However, again consider that if the QSO is going to develop into a longwinded affair, please consider moving 5 or 10Kc up to allow any monitor not to "switch-off" mentally and miss an emergency call. SARL-HAMNET is not the only organisation listening on this frequency.
  5. The other benefit of moving off is that should an emergency arise; there is no reason for the request to be made to please move to another frequency. Alternatively, if no response is heard when a call is made on 7:060MHz and a "traffic" call is initiated on another frequency, it is so much easier to move to 7:060MHz, and then to conduct the "traffic" from there.

No SARL-HAMNET operator has the authority or the right to "chase" someone off a "Centre of Activity" emergency frequency. It is always normal practice to very respectfully request that in times of need, operators kindly move to another frequency to allow us to handle any emergency.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Francois Botha ZS6BUU
SARL-HAMNET National Director


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