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SA 2m Repeater Coverage


Repeater list

Ever wondered how much of South Africa is covered by 2m AR repeaters? Now using the GPS Trackmaker software package we can plot the location of each repeater on a map and show its estimated coverage. Once the map is complete it will give some indication of the coverage of 2m AR repeaters in South Africa. Below is the file to date. ( Thanks to the repeater managers who have sent in their repeater data.) Repeater locations, frequencies and call signs can be e-mailed to

About the map.
Each "Map Pin" represents a repeater. ( I left the call signs off because they made the web based map too cluttered ) The circle over each repeater indicates a possible range of 50km in each direction. ( More or less depending on, local topography and equipment at the receiving station. )

The GPS Trackmaker file used to make this map can be downloaded here. This file contains more detailed in formation as well as call signs and frequencies where available.
GPSTM File last updated: 22/09/2003.

Can you help?
If you know the exact location of your clubs repeater/s and their Frequency + ICASA call sign ( ie ZU9MDR ), please forward this information to me and I'll add it to the map. Repeater locations can be e-mailed to me at

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