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What does the South African Radio League do?        

  1. The SARL liaises with ICASA, the regulatory body for radio frequency spectrum in South Africa, as well as the Department of Communications, on issues relating to amateur radio.
  2. The SARL actively guards the frequency spectrum allocated for amateur radio use in South Africa. This is done through its interaction with authorities both nationally and internationally as well as through its pirate monitoring service.
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  4. The SARL assists ICASA with all amateur radio licensing matters. This includes presenting two radio amateur's exams ( RAEs )  per year.
  5. A QSL Bureau Members Only is provided for members. This facility allows members to collaborate to effect great savings on QSL card postage.
  6. The Radio ZS magazine is published monthly for members. It provides regular feedback from the SARL council as well as technical articles and general news from all over South Africa and the world.
  7. Weekly news bulletins are broadcast on HF as well as VHF repeaters all over South Africa. These bulletins contain the latest news from the international organisations, the SARL and local clubs.
  8. The SARL maintains an informative website providing access to key amateur radio information pertinent to the hobby in South Africa. It contains general information of public interest as well as a members only section providing added value for members.
  9. The on-air magazine program Amateur Radio Today is broadcast worldwide by the SARL every Sunday morning with rebroadcasts on Monday evenings.
  10. The SARL maintains a close relationship with radio clubs in South Africa.
  11. Several contests are run by the League to promote the hobby. These include contests on HF, VHF and more.
  12. The SARL administers awards for various amateur radio achievements. These include the "Worked All ZS" and the "All Africa Award" to name but a few.
  13. The SARL presents on-air activities in the form of Indabas and INTECNETs for the furtherance of amateur radio by making its members aware of developments within the hobby.
  14. The SARL has an emergency communication organisation, Hamnet, to co-ordinate the provision of communication services to mankind in times of disaster, strife and stress.
  15. The South African call book is administered by the League and provides online access to this data for all radio amateurs worldwide. Members have access to advanced search Members Only tools that make finding QSL information or a long lost friend very easy.
  16. Through its members the SARL is able to provide access to custom software which includes an electronic call book Members Only as well as Contest loggers for HF Members Only and VHF Members Only. These packages can be download by members at no extra charge.

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