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SARL Today HF Update with ZS4BS VHF/UHF News with Mike Bosch ZS2FM Contest News with Geoff ZS6C SARL Forum current topics Commercial Hamads


# ZS90SARL MAKES ITS DEBUT ON 1 JANUARY 2015 -ZS2EC of PEARS will be the first station to use the callsign ZS90 SARL to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the SARL.  Original known as the South African Radio Relay League, the National  Body for amateur radio in South Africa, was formed in May 1925, shortly after the formation of the International Amateur Radio Union Paris. 

It is fitting that the first transmission of ZS90SARL will be made from Port Elizabeth as it was there that the first radio contact in South Africa was established. It was Edward Alfred Jennings, a telephone technician in the city who through experimentation to improve the performance of the telephone mouth piece detected its coherer properties. He also noticed that the electric tram passing his house a little distance away caused crackling. Later that year, it 1896, he carried out an ambitious experiment to send a signals over a nearly a kilometre distance between his house in Sherlock Street to a primitive receiving station at Copper ‘s kloof.  A flag was hoisted if his signals were received and indeed they were.  (Picture shows Edward Alfred Jennings demonstrating his radio equipment to the Port Elizabeth Mayor (1896) Picture credit Eric Rosenthal)

Give ZS90SARL a call and celebrate 90 years of SARL and the first transmission from Port Elisabeth. ZS2EC will be operating ZS90SARL from 1 January till 11 January 2015. Clubs and amateurs wishing to use the callsign from their station are invited to send their requests to with suggested dates and planned operation.

#RENEWAL OF AMATEUR RADIO LICENCES AND FORM B - Form B is no longer required. Amateur radio licenses are due on 1 April 2015. ICASA will be sending out reminders in January but the responsibility remains with the licensee to ensure that the license is paid. Unpaid licences will expire at the end of April.Radio amateurs also have the option to pay for 5 years. Simply send an email to  and advise him that you are converting to a 5 year license then when making payment, pay R500. This is a saving of R100 and protects the licensee against inflation increases which will be introduced from the 2016 license year. When paying ICASA please ensure that you quote your licence number and callsign.

#SARLNEWS/NUUS 28 December 2014

 English  Afrikaans 

Christmas  and New Year Message from SARL President Geoff Levy ZS6C

 You can  download the audio file for local transmission or  just to  listen to here






#SARL OFFICE HOLIDAY CLOSURE- The National Amateur Radio Centre will close on 19 December for the holiday period and will reopen on 5 January 2015. The SARL extends its  best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year. Be radio active!


# Draft  Amendments to Radio Regulations- ICASA has published draft amendments to the radio regulations that were originally published on 31 March  2011. The amendments will impact on Amateur Radio. ICASA is following a consultative process inviting comments on the draft by 13 February 2015.  It is expected that the final revised regulations will be gazette at the start of ICASA's financial year on 1 April 2015. This is not a guaranteed date.

Some of the impact on radio amateurs is the increase in power on certain bands, limiting the age  of ZU licensees to 25 which means that when a ZU license holder reaches 25 years of age the license will be cancelled, and amendment to who may be in possession of  a continuous tuning receiver above 30 MHz.

The SARL will be  studying the draft amendments and invites radio amateur to do the same and send their comments to by 15 January 2015 for consideration by the SARL council when finalising the SARL comments to  ICASA

ICASA has also published draft propsed changes to the license fees.

To get more information and to download the Government gazettes click here On this page you will also find the ITU Handbook on Amateur and amateur-satellite services.

 #Here is your chance to get a young person hooked to amateur radio. For the entire month of December, stations in several countries will be on the air seeking contacts with young amateurs  using "YOTA" as their call sign suffix. To date a total of 35 call signs  have been registered for the event, including ZS9YOTA,  YOTA stations will be seeking to make many contacts, so use this opportunity to connect young amateurs with their peers on the air world wide. 

Where is your club? 

The South African Radio League has been granted a special call sign, ZS9YOTA, to be used by young amateurs during YOTA month from 1 to 31 December 2014. Please note that the ZS9YOTA callsign is used primarily to put Youngsters on the Air. IARU Region 1 defines youngsters as people under 26.  

If you are 25 years old or younger, you are invited to apply to use the special call sign either as an individual or as a club station operated by young people. Send your request to Nico van Rensburg, ZS6QL at  Give up your twitter, Whats App and facebook  time and experience some real and great  communication. Slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Allocated slots will be shown on where you will find more detailed information and lots of other interesting information about YOTA 2014. When returning your ZS9YOTA log, include a photograph of yourself or group operating your station, in order to place it on the ZS9YOTA webpages. Clubs are encouraged to participate in this event and to make use of this opportunity to get young amateurs  together and use the ZS9YOTA call sign during December.  

AN ADDITIONAL BONUS - If you apply for the use of the ZS9YOTA  callsign and  a young amateur sends in a log with at least 10 contacts the greatest of all amateur radio handbooks will be awaiting a lucky winner. In January all logs will be entered into a lucky draw and the winner will receive the 2015 ARRL Handbook.edition.





5MHZ NEWSLETTER FROM Paul G4MWO - Down load the 5 MHZ newsletter (no 12) also look at the latest WSPR activity from ZS1  here

# SARL “NO TEAR KIT” GOES ON SALENow that all RTA’s for 2014 the SARL have taken place  the  “no Tears kit” goes on general sale. It is packaged with the RTA CD which includes all the construction details. The Isolated USB Transceiver Control Interface kit is a fully isolated interface between a transceiver and computer. It comprises a complete USB to Serial module and a bi-directional audio link between the sound card and the transceiver.  Read more about it at The order form is also on available from the same web page. Shipping will start  from 24 November. 


ARRL 2015 Handbook now available - the SA Amateur Radio Development Trust has a limited number of hardcover ARRL 2015  handbooks in stock. Get details and order form here.  The Post Office is again delivering parcels. It is secure with a tracking number. Treat yourself to the best Chtistmas gift of all. Orders placed before 15 December will be posted free of charge.


HF UPDATE WITH ZS4BS (updated 24 November 2014) 

6W. The Association des Radioamateurs du Senegal (ARAS) will conduct its annual expedition to the island of Goree (AF-045) on 5 – 7 December. The call sign will be 6V1A. QSL via operator's instructions. 

VQ9/VQ92, Chagos Island (Attention Prefix Hunters). Robert, N7XR, will be active as VQ9XR for his operations in 2014/2015. Activity will start on or about 3 December for approximately 3 weeks (19 December). Operations will be on 160 - 10 metres with a focus on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via his home call sign direct only. No Bureau or LoTW. Added Note: Robert may use the call sign V92XR instead, which gives the prefix hunters a new prefix. 

FT4TA Tromelin Slideshow. Flo, F5CWU, reports: "We are pleased to share with you some pictures of our mission 'Tromelin 2014,' FT4TA. During our stay on Tromelin, we have made thousands of photos and just selected few. At the same time, we are in the process of writing the stories for publication in various journals. A video of the expedition is being assembled. The data is being sent and it should be available early in 2015." Click on the link to see the photos

Real time Band Conditions Web Site The purpose of this experimental Web site is to provide 24-7-365 actual (real time) band condition information to CW QRPp, QRPe and CW/SSB for Contesters interested in increasing their scores. It can also be of benefit to other Radio Amateurs to determine band conditions for Nets and casual QSOs. This information is NOT based on any software predictions or any kind of satellite based readings. It is based on a new Ionospheric sounding method called "HF Ionospheric Interferometry" which operates very similarly to the PolSAR system used by NASA. 

Bouvet 2015/16. The "preliminary window" for the 3Y0F operation from Bouvet Island goes “from 17 December 2015 to 10 January 2016.” Plans are for a team of twelve to be active with six stations for two weeks. See 

IOTA News. The IT Team to take IOTA project development forward has now been appointed. It consists of Johan PA3EXX (Team Leader), Jim, G3VDB, Vincent F4BKV, Bob, MD0CCE, on the technical side with Cezar, VE3LYC, and Roger,G3KMA, representing the users. The focus will be on the development of online island credit submission (Paperless QSLing) as a new feature of the programme. The team have already started work with the aim of submitting the initial Project Proposal by the spring. 

VHF+ UHF+ MICROWAVE NEWS by Mike Bosch ZS2FM (28 December 2014) 


*WATCH OUT FOR SPORADIC-E FROM Z21SIX BEACON ON 50,450 MHz– Athol Masdoll, Z21LV, at Harare informed us that he has changed his Z21SIX beacon frequency to 50,450 MHz USB transmitting a voice message from 09:00 CAT to 15:00 CAT daily. Antenna is an unidirectional horizontal halo and power is 30 Watts. 

This DX beacon is in an ideal location to indicate the frequent Sporadic-E openings experienced in Zimbabwe and Zambia during December and January months around noon. There are still a few Band 3 analogue stations operating in Zimbabwe, such as Gweru with video channel on 199,25 MHz and sound channel on 205,25 MHz. The Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) on Sporadic-E has been recorded up to 250 MHz. 

VHF stations in Namibia and Zimbabwe or further north should look for the most southern beacons, such as the Cape Town ZS1SIX beacon on 50,080 MHz FSK and Port Elizabeth ZS2X on 50,007 MHz FSK also around noon. 

PROVISIONAL POWER LIMITS BY ICASA ON VHF, UHF, SHF & EHF – The latest Government Gazette No. 38301 dated 8 December 2014 lists the proposed power limits to be applied to HF, VHF and the bands above. The maximum output power for the bands from 50 MHz to 134 GHz appears below: 

50 MHz, 70 MHz and 144 MHz: 400 Watts (26 dBW), 432 MHz: 1000 Watts (30 dBW).!,2 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 5,65 GHz, 10 GHz, 24 GHz, 47 GHz, 75,5 GHz, 122,25 GHz and 134 GHz: 400 Watts (26 dBW). The real need for high power is required on the bands from 50 MHz to 1296 MHz. This is where it will serve an excellent purpose for country-wide Tropospheric Scatter daily, and very long distance Tropospheric Ducting, which could cover thousands of kilometres across the oceans for DX operation. ( Note these  are proposed limits and not in force at this time. You are invited to make comments to the SARL. Send your input to - editor)

THERE ARE 17 VHF PROPAGATION MODES FEATURED IN THE LATEST RADIO ZS – The current November/December issue of RADIO ZS features 17 propagation modes in the VHF, UHF and Microwave column including 8 DX propagation modes, which could manifest on the VHF bands during certain times of the year. This should be of interest to beginners and old-timers alike, who could use it as a program to arrange long distance skeds on VHF and UHF. A list of SARL distance records achieved on VHF, UHF, SHF and SHF in this country is also included and covers different modes of propagation. It is also recommended to study the propagation chart on the front cover of the September/October 2013 edition of RADIO ZS. 

MEERKAT DISHES WILL FORM PART OF THE GIANT SKA – The 64 MeerKAT dishes when completed will form part of the SKA comprising 3000 dishes. The MeerKAT dishes are themselves massive structures, standing over 19,5 metres tall with a diameter of 13,5 metres each and weighing in at 42 tons. The project is South African led, with 75% of the components being developed and built in the country. Each MeerKAT will generate the equivalent of data on a DVD per second when the instrument is up and running, and will be sensitive enough to be able to pick up a cellphone signal from the planet Saturn. 

SSSP SEASON COMING TO AN END SOON – The SHORT-path SUMMER SOLSTICE PROPAGATION (SSSP) DX mode on 50 MHz covers only a few weeks around the summer solstice. VK and ZL stations have often worked South American stations during this period. (Read more on “SSSP on 50 MHz to VK & ZL” in the VHF Forum). 

THE ISS TEAM TRANSMITTED SLOW-SCAN TV IMAGES FROM SPACE – The Russian ARISS team transmitted SSTV images from the International Space Station on a frequency of 145,800 MHz FM (PD180 mode). The 12 images commemorated the birth 80 years ago of Soviet space pioneer Yuri Gagarin, the first human to orbit Earth. 



CONTEST NEWS WITH ZS6C Updated 17 October 2014 

SARL Field Day Contest: Aim - To work as many stations as possible on all the HF amateur bands (excluding the 30, 17 and 12 m WARC bands) and in doing so to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio. Date and Times - The contest will take place on the third full weekend November, between 10:00 UTC on Saturday to 10:00 UTC on Sunday (12:00 to 12:00 CAT). (16 and 17 November 2014).       Frequencies and Modes - HF amateur bands, excluding the WARC bands (30, 17 and 12 metre bands). Phone, CW and Digital (PSK and RTTY)

Phone, CW and Digital modes on a band are considered as separate bands. A station may be worked only once per band under this rule. All voice contacts are equivalent. All digital contacts are equivalent. Categories: (See contest manual for more details). There is no limitation to the number of transmitters or receivers that may be employed. The use of more than one transmitter at the same time on a single band-mode is prohibited. Call signs - Only one call sign per station is permitted. In the case of multi-operator stations using more than one transmitter, all operators shall use the same call sign. Exchange - RS(T) report, Number of transmitters, Field Day operating Class and Provincial Abbreviation.

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VHF DX & Local Beacons heard 
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by: ZS2FM

Commercial Hamads 

Battery Clinic Midrand: Car batteries; truck batteries; alarm/gate motor batteries; Intelligent chargers & other accessories; new or ‘Re-new’ batteries. Discounts where possible for Ham Radio operators. Contact Nigel (ZR6NGB) 011 028 1146, Email: 

MEGE electrical control & automation
Mege electrical control & automation is in the business of designing and manufacturing of control panels for the industry. Installation of frequency drives, PLCs, mimic panels. Temperature controllers, thermocouples, RTDs, electric and gas ovens.  Gas detectors, hygrometers. Fire, heat and smoke detectors. Back-up generators. Solar panels, regulators. Earthing and lightning protection. Contact Eddie (ZS6DAY) at 082 330 3558, or 

Your first choice for power supplies, swr meters, antenna tuners, HF, VHF and UHF antennas as well as antenna analysers and much much more. Check it all out at here Remember that SARL members get FREE postage on most orders over R700,00. T's & C's apply.

Patsau Communications
We supply and repair HF/VHF/UHF Radios. Antennas, cabling and accessories also available. Please leave your details on our site. Click  here and we will contact you.


Place your commercial hamads on the home page.  Book a six months space for R300 or 12 months at R500 prepaid with order   The advertisements will be  text only up to 60 words including address, telephone number and click through URL to advertisers' website and email address. Adverisement can be changed  Send your contact details to and we will contact you

What is Amateur Radio ? 

Tell me more  about Amateur Radio

Radio Amateurs, or "Hams" use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are even able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts. Radio Hams can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot.

Radio Hams have a full range or communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will be able to join in experiments using all these modes.

mateur radio can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home. This hobby knows no boundaries.

Random Photo from the Call book.

 Philip Conradie, ZS1CON



Advert - Sam's Radio 





Click here to go to the Kevtronics web 

Worked All ZS award
An interesting operating goal

The entry level for the WAZS award is 100 different call signs. The programme has recently been expanded to include higher level endorsements, such as WAZS-200, WAZS-300, etc. Endorsements may also be obtained for specific modes, eg: CW, SSB, etc.
Click here for more information...

lboat034a.gif (1979 bytes)SA Maritime Net
The South African Maritime Net operates 7 days a week, and provides weather reports from around the coast, and maintains contact with boats off the coast of South Africa and up into the Mozambique channel.  There are two regular schedule times as follows:
  • 06:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7,120 kHz.

  • 11:30 UTC:  Starts on 14316 kHz for approx. 30 mins and then moves down to 7,120 kHz.


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