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What is Amateur Radio?
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SARL Today HF Update with ZS4BS Focus on VHF/UHF/Microwave The ZS CW Group SARL Forum current topics Commercial Hamads


The June 2024 Radio ZS and the Radio ZS Index are available for download. Click on Publications in the lefthand menu and select Radio ZS Download.


Providing a Home for a Lightning Sensor

The SARL Secretary was contacted by AfricaWeather, they are the largest privately owned weather company in Africa and have more than 24 lightning sensors around the country.

They are looking for people willing to provide a home for a sensor, all it requires is power and it is not very much power, the company will install and supply the SIM card for the sensor. For now, they are looking for hosts in Kimberley, Hopetown, Colesberg, Strydenburg, Vosburg, Prieska, Britstown and De Aar. Later the focus will be on the North-West Province.

AfricaWeather will offer free access to a high-level weather alerting web page to the Radio Amateur that successfully hosts this sensor. The webpage provides real-time lightning; Weather Satellite visualisation and a 7-day forecast. If you can host a lightening sensor in one of the towns mentioned, please contact Colin Morris, ZS6CPM at with a copy to

Pay your SARL Membership fees online using PayFast. Go to and select your membership category.


SARLNEWS  with Herman Erasmus ZS6CTA  Listen or download here

SARLNUUS  met Hannes Enslin ZS6JDE Laaiaf/luister hier

Amateur Radio Today - Programme about Amateur Radio and technology hosted by  Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS6AKV . The programme features news about amateur radio, reports on Hamnet, VHF and UHF, Satellites and HF plus technical features. One hour of Amateur Radio bliss. Listen/download here . 

Transmissions: Sundays at 08:00 UTC on repeaters around South Africa including 145,750  and 145,725 MHZ in Pretoria. On HF 7 115 kHz by Louis, ZR4DJLAmateur Radio Today on 80 metres on Mondays - On Mondays Amateur RadioToday is transmitted at 19:30 local time on 3 620 kHz by Andy, ZS6ADY.

Note when SARL website is not available programmes will be posted on Reception reports are invited. Please send your report to Please give details of the signal strength antenna and location. 

Text bulletins from 1 March 2020 to today can be found at


PLEASE take note that it is YOUR responsibility to pay your license fee directly to ICASA.

The new fee structure is: 1 Year - R188,00; 2 Years - R359,00; 3 Years - R515,00; 4 Years - R656,00 and 5 Years - R784,00. The SARL highly recommends that you pay for a five-year license. This ensures you have a valid license for the next five years.

Payment must be made via EFT directly to ICASA using the following account: ICASA, Nedbank Corporate Client services; Account no: 14 62 00 29 27; Branch: 146245. Use your ICASA license number No “******-******” as the payment reference. Do not pay the ICASA fees to the South African Radio League.

If your licence is managed by the SARL, please follow the instructions as e-mailed to you by Noel, ZR6DX, the RAE Manager.

All other license holders must log into their account on the ICASA Customer Portal, click on the “Manage” button and then the “Renew” button; and select the number of years for the license period you want to pay for. The ICASA system will then send you an invoice, or you can click on “Invoice” and the invoice can be downloaded. You can then click on the “Pay” button and pay via you credit card, or you can do an EFT. Note, if via EFT then you must click on the “Upload Payment” button and upload the proof of payment. If the POP is not uploaded, then ICASA will not issue the new license.

The SARL cannot help you if the ICASA Customer Portal is slow or not responding. The SARL has got nothing to do with the ICASA system, which is a government system of the State Information Technology Agency. Be patient and try in the evenings or early mornings.

SARL/AMSAT SA display receives award at Science Forum South Africa 



The SARL– AMSAT SA display at the Science Forum South Africa 2023 was awarded a special mention award for the best display and audience interaction. The award was presented at the closing ceremony of the forum on Friday afternoon. Hans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV and Brian Jacobs ZS6YZ, who were responsible for developing and executing the display, received the framed certificate from the Dr Phil Mjwara, Director-General of the department of Science and Technology and Innovation. The forum at the CSIR convention centre was attended by over 4000 delegates.

The joint display, with the theme Science in Amateur Rado, featured the AMSAT SA dual band yagi antenna, a proto type of the AfriCUBE satellite, the SARL RF Noise monitoring system and the SARL two metre Karoo beacon project.

The RF noise monitoring system output was displayed on a large screen showing in real time the RF noise level at the convention centre.  It was significate to see the drop in the RF noise level at night when all the LED lighting and computers were switched off.

Brian Jacobs manned the stand full time assisted at various times by Hans van de Groenendaal, Cameron Eales , Koos Fick and Ruben Jansen van Rensburg.

The event was a worthwhile experience and a great opportunity to show that Amateur Radio is just not another hobby but a true technology pastime.

The 2024 SARL Diary of Events is available - click on the link in the yellow block on the left.

HOW TO CONQUER THE SARL HF CONTESTS - the presentaton by Chris Burger ZS6EZ is now available on YouTube.Watch it here

Video of contesting with ZS6EZ now on YouTube. A recording of the SARL Contesting with ZS6EZ is now available on YouTube. Click here 

Interference from solar installations- As the South African public are realising that they are on their own and facing the many challenges of loads heading, self-generating electricity by households and businesses have become the norm. 

Generally, Radio Amateurs should not experience interference on HF or VHF from properly installed solar power installations but unfortunately it does occur when unqualified people do not install the system properly and use poor quality inverters and solar maximisers.

Often fitting ferrite beads and basic filters will solve the inference problem.

By design solar installations are not expected to radiate radio frequencies (RF) and cause interference as the necessary circuits suppress any RF radiation should be included in the design. There however are suppliers that will install equipment of inferior quality.  Solar installers are expected to issue COC’s, certificate of compliance, but these certificates generally only cover the electrical installation.

If a neighbour installs a solar system and it kills HF, there are two approaches. Point out to him or her that the installation is causing radio interference and that he should insist that his installer sorts out the problem. If that fails it is necessary  to send a written complaint with details of the interference to the manager of the local ICASA office. ICASA is fully quipped to do the necessary test and advise the owner of the installation to have the problem seen to or switch off his system.

The addresses of the local ICASA managers can be found on Please your copy your letter to the SARL at and Chris, ZS6GM at and keep the SARL informed of progress of the complaint.

A Template - Constitution and Rules for an Amateur Radio Club - get a copy here

Ethics and Operating Procedure for the Radio Amateur EN IARU ed3 2 Jan 2009 - download your copy here. Ongelukkig is dit nog nie na Afrikaans vertaal nie.

South African VHF, UHF and Microwave Record Table. The latest table of records is available from the VHF SA Record page. Compiled and updated by Paul, ZS6NK - send your record claim to  

SARL Next Generation Beacon fund stands at R30 150 - The crowd funding initiative to collect funds for the SARL next generation beacon programme was initiated by AMSAT SA.  During the past week R2000 was received from two donors. The fund moved f past the half way mark which is still far short of the R60 000 target required to finance a beacon in the Karoo and the Western Cape.  


AMSAT SA and the SARL thank all who have thus far contributed. Help us make it happen by making your donation to the fund. Visit and make your contribution by clicking on one of the payment buttons for a R50, R250 or R1000 donation.  The button will take you to the Payfast website where you need to enter your credit card details. Please also add your callsign after your surname. 

Visit the  Next Generation Beacon web page for article, videos, updates. and a list of donors Click her

The SARL  Noise Floor Project - The presentation by Hans, ZS6AKV during the C7 - EMC meeting atthe Region 1 Virtual General Conference, can be seen here.

The IARUMS Region 1 Newsletters are available on and read it!

New Satellite Book now available - The new ARRL Amateur radio satellites for beginners is now available in South Africa. With the opening of e-commerce, Postnet is operating again and books can be sent to your nearest Postnet. You can make contacts through amateur radio satellites, and even with the International Space Station, using equipment you probably own right now! All it takes is the right information, which you will find in Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners by Steve Ford

There are dozens of spacecraft in orbit just waiting for your signals, and more are being launched every year. This book is your guide to a whole new world of operating enjoyment.

Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners will introduce you to new experiences that you may have thought were out of your reach. Start reading and discover how easy it can be! To order the book visit 115 pages plus index.

Guidelines for a non SARL member to use the SA-QSL system- Phone Kelley at NARC (011 675 2393) and check that your correct information is on the database – license number and e-mail address are important.

Click on SA-QSL system link (on the left-hand side of the web page) and then click on “Need to Register”. Follow the instructions on the screen. Your username and password will be e-mailed to you which you can use to logon in future.

SARL and not yet SARL Members are requested to check their Electronic QSLs on a regular basis.

2024 Advertising in Radio ZS and the SARL Web site

Radio ZS and the SARL web welcomes advertising, it is a source of information for readers. Send your advertisement to Dennis, ZS4BS at

Advertising Rates (effective 1 January 2024) 

Display (cameo) on home page and Radio ZS: R300 pm; R1 700 for 6 months; R3 000 per annum

Commercial Hamad on home page - R100 pm – R300 for 6 months – R700 per annum

Terms and conditions

All contract advertisements content may be changed monthly on 5 working day notice.

The rates are based on the complete supply of material in Jpeg unless otherwise negotiated. For artwork additional charges may apply as agreed. A design service is available at R400 per advertisement.

The content of the advertisements must comply with regulations and norms acceptable in South Africa

All advertisements are playable in advance by EFT to SA Radio League, ABSA, account no 4071 588 849 branch code 632 005.

All correspondence and material must be sent to

HF Update with Dennis, ZS4BS - 14 June 2024 

Rotuma, 3D2/R. The website for the 3D2Z DXpedition to Rotuma Island (15 November-4 December) is up and running: Joining the team is 23-year-old Connor, KD9SLV. The 6-member team will operate locally with three stations on 160-6 metres; they will take part in the CQ WW DX CW Contest using another call sign (TBA). In addition, two of W6IZT's NexGenRiBs will be operated remotely by a team of young amateurs. QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.

The Northern California DX Foundation has announced its financial support for the DXpedition, as it "features two important NCDXF interests, youth in DXpeditions and the RIB, Radio in a Box concept."

The NCDXF board has funded the DXpedition's request and added additional support for the two young operators joining the team on the island. The mission of NCDXF ( is to provide necessary financial support for well-organized DXpeditions to desirable DXCC Entities and to support advances in DXpeditioning skills, technology, and infrastructure.

South Korea, HL. DS1TUW reports that team 6M6M will be active from Yonghung Island (AS-105) on 22 and 23 June. They will operate mainly SSB and CW, with FT8 "for weak propagation", on 6 metres only. QSL via DS2GWM, and LoTW in due course.

France, F. Vitaly, F4WBU will be active as TM17CEF between 14 and 28 June and as TM24F from 29 June to 14 July. The special call signs are for the 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship, the quadrennial international men's football (soccer) championship of Europe to be held in Germany. QSL via home call (direct and bureau) and eQSL.

France, F. During the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay and the actual Olympic Games, look for TM67OG to be active for fifteen days between 25 June and 27 July and TM67JO to be active for another fifteen days between 26 July and 11 August. The operators will be F1LFL (SSB), F5PZT (digital) and F5TFW (CW). QSLs via F1LFL, bureau or direct.

Jersey, GJ. Michael, DF8AN will be active as MJ/DF8AN from Jersey (EU-013) between 19 and 25 June. He will operate digital modes and some CW on 80 to 6 m. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

Turks and Caicos Islands, VP5. Adrian, AA5UK will be active holiday style as VP5/AA5UK from Providenciales (NA-002), Turks and Caicos Islands from 23 June to 5 July. He will operate digital modes (RTTY, Olivia, ft8) and SSB on 40 to 6 metres and will also be active via satellite (updates will be posted to QSL direct to home call; QSOs will be uploaded to Club Log and in due course to LoTW.

Testing for Jarvis. As the N5J DXpedition to Jarvis Island will be challenged by both the season (especially on the low bands) and antenna restrictions, a series of preliminary tests will be conducted between 25 June and 25 July. This will include testing new antennas and the extended remote operator network from two locations:
* on 25 June-2 July, FW7JV (Wallis and Futuna) will be test the low band antennas (160, 80 and 40m) and a new 40/20m antenna;
* on 10-25 July, K8R (American Samoa) will be test all systems on all bands CW, SSB and digital, including activity during the IARU HF World Championship. Actual signal reports will be appreciated during both test periods.


CW News and Contesting 


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I've Run My Race finished my course  13/06/2024  19:40:42
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by: ZS6US

Commercial Hamads 


Direct importer of a wide selection of SWR meters, H.F., V.H.F. and U.H.F. base and mobile antennas. Amateur radio transceivers, antenna analyzers, etc. Affordable shipping costs for out of town customers and subsidized shipping to SARL members.Check out all my amateur radio goodies here. 0720268909. 

Place your commercial hamads on the home page.  Book a six months space for R300 or 12 months at R500 prepaid with order   The advertisements will be  text only up to 60 words including address, telephone number and click through URL to advertisers' website and email address. Adverisement can be changed  Send your contact details to and we will contact you or call the NARC at 011 675 2393

What is Amateur Radio ? 

Tell me more  about Amateur Radio

Radio Amateurs, or "Hams" use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are even able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts. Radio Hams can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot.

Radio Hams have a full range or communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will be able to join in experiments using all these modes.

mateur radio can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home. This hobby knows no boundaries.

Random Photo from the Call book.

 Andre O Botes, ZS2ACP


Frequency Fanatics 


Sam's Radio 

visit our web here

Call us on 011 802 2976 


Radio ZS 

On the lefthand menu, click on Publications and then on Radio ZS Download.

RZS Cover 

ICOM Hamshack 



Bombastik June 



The Challenge website at 

The Wacky 1W Challenge

17 June is international QRP day and South African operators are invited to test their QRP skills during this weekend. The Wacky 1W challenge takes place between 13:00 and 16:00 UTC on Sunday 16 June and aims to test operators' knowledge of effective antennas and operating procedures by limiting power levels and using distance to calculate scores instead of the number of contacts you make. A 5 W category has been included for those whose radios cannot reach 1 W. Results are grouped per power category and mode which creates the ideal opportunity for you to benchmark yourself against similar stations. For more information or to download the log sheet, visit the Challenge website at


The 2024 SARL Blue Book


The SARL Youth QSO Party is a fun activity to celebrate the Youth and to promote contacts between young radio amateurs in Southern African countries. Call "CQ Youth." The first leg runs from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC on Sunday 16 June 2024 - Youth Day with phone and CW activity on 40 metres. The exchange is a RS or RST report and the operator's age. Youth stations in IARU Region 1 are classified as aged 26 and under. Submit your log sheet by 21:59 UTC on Friday 21 June 2024 by e-mail to and Get the rules on page 55 of the 2024 Blue Book



RF Design 

Hot Tools

Hot Tools

Worked All ZS award
An interesting operating goal

The entry level for the WAZS award is 100 different call signs. The programme has recently been expanded to include higher level endorsements, such as WAZS-200, WAZS-300, etc. Endorsements may also be obtained for specific modes, eg: CW, SSB, etc.
Click here for more information...

lboat034a.gif (1979 bytes)SA Maritime Net

The South African Maritime Mobile Net provides weather reports and maintains contact with sailing vessels from around the coast and high seas.
The net operates 7 days a week.

There are two regular schedule times as follows:

  • 06:30 UTC and 11:30 UTC on 14 316 kHz high seas net.
  • 06:35 UTC and 11:35 UTC on 7 120 kHz coastal net - the net lasts approximately 30 minutes .
Visit the official SAMMNet Website or their facebook page for more information.

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