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SARL Today HF Update with ZS4BS VHF/UHF News with Mike Bosch ZS2FM Contest News with Geoff ZS6C SARL Forum current topics Commercial Hamads


The SARL Isolated USB Transceiver Control Interface kit again available - The SARL has a small quantity of the USB transceiver interface kits available. The cost of the kit for SARL members is R480 plus R70 for packing and postage by parcel post and R120 via Postnet to Postnet.  The kit does not include a CD but instructions will be available on the SARL web pages in the members’ only section.  Members who order before 2 July may collect their kits from the NARC the following Monday.  Get the orderform here

SA AMSAT AIMS KLETSKOUS LAUNCH FOR JULY 2017-  At the pre-conference Engineering meeting held on Friday evening, members of the SA AMSAT CubeSat team made some tough decisions. During the past few years, various options and subsystems have been experimented with. The team has now set the launch date of Kletskous at July 2017 with the first flight model to be ready by February 2016 for testing after which final integration will start. This requires that various module designs are locked down and built by October 2015. It is planned to have all the modules wired together in a breadboard configuration for testing the interoperation of the various subunits by December 2015. Some modules are at a more advanced stage than others, but in the next few months, the team expect to catch up and meet the deadline for the first breadboard test.

Frik Wolff, ZS6FZ, the League's technical manager, has joined the team and is working on solar panels and stabilisation issues. Francois Oberholzer, an honours student at Stellenbosch University, is working on improving the weight/strength relationship of the space frame, a project that is part of his thesis. Nico van Rensburg, ZS6QL, as programme manager and the person responsible for documentation, will support the project manager, Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP. 

There are many opportunities for radio amateurs to join the engineering team. If you have a particular expertise or passion to add value to the KLETSKOUS project, please discuss your participation with Hannes Coetzee or any of the team members and send your details to,za. There will be a fuller discussion about KLETSKOUS in Amateur Radio today later this morning.

SARLNEWS: Sunday 28 June 2015 

English with Rory  Norton ZS2BL  Download here

Afrikaans  met Dawie Conradie .Luister hier

Amateur Radio Today with ZR6DHC  listen here. 


RAE RESULT ARE OUT - The Radio Amateur Examination results are out. Check the list  of sucessful candidates here . Candiates who's callsigns are listed may operate immediately and donot have to wait for the paper results or a copy of their license. If there is no callsign listed please check the notes. Those candidates have not fully complied with the requirements and have outstandinhg documentation. A total of 147 candidates enrolled for the May 2015 RAE but on  the evening of the exam only 112 of the candidates wrote  the exam. 110 class A and 2 class B. The pass rate is 86% Congratulations to all who passed.


 the SARL exhibited at the Outdoor Expo held in Kyalami on 30 and 31 May. See full  picture page here






ARRL 2015 Handbook now available - the SA Amateur Radio Development Trust has a limited number of hardcover ARRL 2015  handbooks in stock. Get details and order form here.  The Post Office is again delivering parcels. It is secure with a tracking number. 

Special for SARL members till 22 April R1040 plus R60 packaging and posting. Non member price R1250 plus P&P. Limited stock available Order now. Next shipment is expected to be up by 25% due to Rand value and increased shipping cost.



 #RENEWAL OF AMATEUR RADIO LICENCES AND FORM B - Form B is no longer required. Amateur radio licenses are due on 31 March 2015 ICASAhas sent out reminders in January but the responsibility remains with the licensee to ensure that the license is paid. Unpaid licences will expire at the end of April.Radio amateurs also have the option to pay for 5 years. Simply send an email to  and advise him that you are converting to a 5 year license then when making payment, pay R500. This is a saving of R100 and protects the licensee against inflation increases which will be introduced from the 2016 license year. When paying ICASA please ensure that you quote your licence number and callsign.. 

 5MHZ NEWSLETTER FROM Paul G4MWO - Down load the 5 MHZ newsletter (no 12) also look at the latest WSPR activity from ZS1  here

HF UPDATE WITH ZS4BS (updated 15 June 2015) 

DXCC News. The following operations have been approved for DXCC Credit:

Nepal, 9N7JX, operation from 2 to 11 December 2014,
Democratic Republic of Congo, 9Q0HQ, operation from 10 to 25 March 2015, and
Tristan da Cunha and Gough Islands, ZD9ZS, operation from September 2014 to October 2014

Dassen Island, ZS1. Anthony, ZS1AB, Ashley, ZS1ASH, Grant, ZS1GS, Mari, ZS1MW, and Elizabeth, ZS1XS, will be active as ZS1FUN from Dassen Island (IOTA AF-064) during the weekend of 15 and 16 August (International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend). The team states, "We expect bad weather, but only dangerous sea conditions will prevent us from reaching the island." Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL direct via e-mail to 

4W, Timor-Leste. Operators Hide, JI1AVY, and Seihachi, JA7LU, will be active as 4W/JI1AVY and 4W/JA7LU from Timor Leste (OC-148) between 24 and 30 June. Activity will be on 160 to 6 metres using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via their home call signs and LoTW. 

KP2, US Virgin Islands. Operators John, WA4PSO, and his son Sean, N5PV, will be active as KP2/WA4PSO and KP2/N5PV from the Radio Reef DXers Station rental shack (KP2M) on St. Croix Island (NA-106) between 6 and 23 June. Activity will be holiday style on all bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL both via call signs via N5PV or LoTW. 

KP3, Puerto Rico (NA-099). Members of the Los Chachos Contest Club will be active as KP3Z during the RSGB IOTA Contest, 25 and 26 July as a Multi-Single entry. Operators mentioned are Carlos, KP4EJ, Eric, NP3A, Jose, NP4G, Felipe, NP4Z, and Jamie, WP3A. QSL via N4AO.

OJ0, Market Reef. Members of the Ålands Radioamatörer (OH0AA) will be active as OJ0S from Market Reef (EU-053) between 11 and 18 July. Operators mentioned are Karl-Erik, OH0NA, Gey, OH0GG, YL Maria, OH0FM, Leif, OH0LO, Kjell, OH0KXJ and OH0NM. Activity will be on 80 to 10 metres using CW and SSB. QSL via OH0AA, direct or by the Bureau.

UE44, Russia - Russian Yeti Expedition. From 11 to 16 June and September, there will be a complex seasonal research of cinema-radio expedition using the call sign UE44Y and known as the Russian Yeti Expedition. The expedition UE44Y will be active from various locations of Mountain Shoria, Tashtagol District, Kemerovo Region, until 16 September. Activity will be on various HF and VHF bands of different types of mode communications. According to, QSO/SWL contacts with the expedition UE44Y, will be a printed QSL-card, which will be distributed only upon request by e-mail in a gift set – a special QSL-card of the expedition, a special expedition envelope, and a special postal cancellation of the expedition sent from the homeland of the Russian Yeti.

For QSOs/SWL with the expedition UE44Y headquarters (HQ) Russian Yeti Expedition, there will be issued special paper 3 diplomas classes and an original ethnic Plaque. Complete details, as well as pictures of the QSLs, logo and diplomas, can be seen on



VHF+ UHF+ MICROWAVE NEWS by Mike Bosch ZS2FM (29 June 2015) 

# Link to SARL VHF, UHF & MICROWAVES DX TABLE Click here  

THE AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE COVERS A VERY WIDE FIELD – Most people believe that radio amateurs only talk to each other on the radio, or some make DX contacts on HF and collect QSL cards. This is of course great fun, exciting and the way how Amateur Radio started. But in fact this is only one facet of the modern Amateur Radio Service as it covers a very wide field of activities. It is not just a hobby as some seem to think, but it also features experimentation, exploration and research of VHF, UHF and Microwaves, EME, Satellites, Space communications, Amateur radio astronomy and the new frontier in the Terahertz spectral band. The modern Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital communications should also have greater appeal to the younger amateur generation of today. 

NASA PREPARES FOR FIRST INTERPLANETARY CUBESATS – NASA will launch two CubeSats to Mars in March 2016, the first time that these miniature satellites will fly into deep space. The idea is based on the many CubeSats built by university students and launched into Earth orbit. One of the CubeSats will land on Mars while the other orbits the planet, and communicate via UHF (receive only) and the X-band ( receive and transmit). 

PORT ELIZABETH NET ON 144,300 MHz SSB –  A VHF net on 144,300 MHz SSB has been started in Port Elizabeth by Ken Victor, ZS2OC, operating on Thursday evenings at 20:00 CAT. Amateurs along the line such as in Jeffreys Bay, Uniondale, Knysna, George, Dana Bay and Cape Agulhas are invited to join the net when propagation conditions are favourable. The main motive is to establish two-way contacts with Cape Town over a distance of 600 km. 

BEACON REPORTS – Some VHF beacon results as received at the QTH of Koos du Plessis, ZS6BFD.

08:00 - 08:20 CAT – 144,415 MHz - Bloemfontein - 365 km - Best S5 - No pre-amp.  

08:20 - 08:40 CAT – 144,410 MHz - Polokwane - 297 km - Best S4 - No Pre-amp.

08:40 - 09:00 CAT – 144,420 MHz - Durban - 506 km - Nothing - Using pre-amp.

Anytime CAT – 144,440 MHz - Tarlton, Gauteng - 25 km - Constant S9 - No Pre-amp.


VHF FROM GAUTENG – “A big Congratulations to Gideon ZS6GJG from Phalaborwa for working several stations in Gauteng from Phalaborwa, a distance of 415 km, during the past few days. John ZS6JON was the first station to work Gideon on Thursday evening at about 20:00 CAT, reports were 5/1-3. This morning Andrew ZS6AVH in Krugersdorp was in contact with Gideon on 144,320 MHz the whole time and signal reports of 5/7 were exchanged. Gideon also worked Dick ZS6BUN at Nigel 5/1. Although Gideon could hear Koos ZS6BFD and myself at 5/1 it was just not possible for us to get him out of the S 4-5 noise level when beaming over Johannesburg. Gideon is using an IC7100 with a 80 Watt amp into a 9 element ZS6OB Yagi at 14 meters high. It looks like 2 meters are full of surprises even in the winter. The VHF group is spreading wider and wider, so please come and join us on week-ends. 73 Carl.” 

“OK so I have a SSB set with 100 Watts and a 4 element beam about 7 metres up. Where do I point it from the West Rand tomorrow morning? Rory ZS6RBJ.” 

THE SOUTH-EAST COASTAL GROUP – “As promised Dave ZS5DJ and I came on sked as promised on both Sunday and Monday evenings (21st & 22nd) at 20:00 CAT on 144,300 MHz USB horizontal, and we had a QSO on both evenings. Conditions were not as good as the Hepburn Charts predicted, but then they are only a prediction. We both listened out for other stations, but none were heard. 73 Peter ZS2ABF.”


24 GHz EME WORLD RECORD – VK7MO operated portable on 24 GHz EME from South-East Tasmania to OK1KIR over a distance of 16 438 km, and then established a new World Record with G3WDG and G4KGC of 17 464 km. Only a few days each month are suitable for such long distance QSO’s, and then one must have low PW and no cloud or rain at both ends. The equipment used at VK7MO: 1,14 metre dish and 20 Watts fully GPS locked and corrected for Doppler. OK1KIR: 4,5 metre dish and 22 Watts output transceiver GPS locked. G3WDG: 3 metre dish and 18 Watts output transceiver GPS locked. 


NEW BROADBAND COMMUNICATION CENTRE OPENED IN PORT ELIZABETH – The Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, welcomed the launch of the new Centre for Broadband Communication at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth. The centre will conduct pioneering research around optical fibre data transport for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope.

At their meeting at the SKA Organisation Headquarters in Manchester, UK, the SKA Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to move the world's largest radio telescope forward to its final pre-construction phase. The design of the €650M first phase of the SKA (SKA1) is now defined, consisting of two complementary world-class instruments – one in Australia, one in South Africa – both expecting to deliver exciting and transformational science.


CONTEST NEWS WITH ZS6C Updated 6 May 2015 

ZS3 Sprint – A fun activity between NC radio amateurs and Southern African countries.Time – 14:00 to 15:00 UTC .  Phone and CW and exchange is RST on the 40m band. Log sheets shall be submitted by 10 May and sent by e-mail to

9  and 10 May - AWA Valve QSO Party: To create activity on 40m and 80m on phone only using AM and SSB. Max power is 100W.  AM and SSB categories. 9 May –AM only – 13:00 to 17:00 UTC. 10 May – QSO Party on SSB only – 13:00 to 17:00 UTC Band - 40 metres: 7 063 to 7 100 kHz and 80 metres: 3 603 to 3 650 kHz. The log sheets must be submitted by 24 May 2015 to

30 – 31 May -  CQ WW WPX Contest, CW:  CW onlyon Bands - 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m. Time - 0000Z on May 30 to 2359Z on May 31. Rules @ 


31 May – SARL Digital Contest:- Aim -  Open contest to establish as many contacts as possible between radio amateurs in Southern Africa using the PSK31 / RTTY mode(s). Time - 13:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC  Bands: 80 metres (3 580 to 3 600 kHz), 40 metres (7 040 to 7 060 kHz), 20 metres (14 070 to 14 099 kHz). PSK31 is preferred at the lower end of the specified frequencies. RTTY is preferred at the upper end of the specified frequencies. Please note that USB must be used at all times. Refer to (General Rule 16).  Contacts - A station may be contacted twice on each band once on RTTY, once on PSK31. Exchange - RST plus a sequential serial number starting at 001

SARL Forum Active Topics
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Interface Cable?  04/07/2015  10:49:24
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Malcolm Kriel ZS4SM not well  04/07/2015  10:19:05
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IC7850 / 7851 Technical Test by VA7OJ.  04/07/2015  08:33:56
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High Altitude Balloon - PS-46 on HF WSPR and JT9 
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04/07/2015  05:16:29
by: ZS6BMN
YOUTH FORUM  03/07/2015  13:49:21
by: ZR6DX

Commercial Hamads 

Triple Trapper Dipole 
·     Trapped dipole for 80, 40 and 20 metre bands 

  • No tuner required
  • Stainless steel hardware for long life
  • Less than 30 metres long – fits in a small city lot
  • Strong 2.5 mm copper wire – built for Cape winds
  • 1 to 1 Balun included rated at 150 watts
  • Ready for use, just connect your RG58 coax and hang it up
  • Ideal for home, portable or emergency operation
  •  R1, 200 including postage, a fraction of the price of imported units. 

Contact Rob on 082 551 5423 or for photos or spec sheet.


Direct importer of a wide selection of SWR meters, H.F., V.H.F. and U.H.F. base and mobile antennas. Amateur radio transceivers, antenna analyzers, etc. Affordable shipping costs for out of town customers and subsidized shipping to SARL members. Check out all my amateur radio goodies here. 0720268909.


Light Engineering Works

General engineering, part remanufacturing  turning, milling, drilling.Specialised welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron.Gear repair and remanufacturing.Prototype industrial and automotive  parts and brackets made to specification,  Heavy duty antenna support and Mobile brackets including standoff brackets and antenna parts manufactured.Tower and tower part repairs also undertaken. Contact Willie Wright ZS6WC.0823351356.

MEGE electrical control & automation

Mege electrical control & automation is in the business of designing and manufacturing of control panels for the industry. Installation of frequency drives, PLCs, mimic panels. Temperature controllers, thermocouples, RTDs, electric and gas ovens.  Gas detectors, hygrometers. Fire, heat and smoke detectors. Back-up generators. Solar panels, regulators. Earthing and lightning protection. Contact Eddie (ZS6DAY) at 082 330 3558, or 

Patsau Communications

We supply and repair HF/VHF/UHF Radios. Antennas, cabling and accessories also available. Please leave your details on our site. Click  here and we will contact you.


Place your commercial hamads on the home page.  Book a six months space for R300 or 12 months at R500 prepaid with order   The advertisements will be  text only up to 60 words including address, telephone number and click through URL to advertisers' website and email address. Adverisement can be changed  Send your contact details to and we will contact you or call the NARC at 011 765 2393

What is Amateur Radio ? 

Tell me more  about Amateur Radio

Radio Amateurs, or "Hams" use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are even able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts. Radio Hams can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot.

Radio Hams have a full range or communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will be able to join in experiments using all these modes.

mateur radio can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home. This hobby knows no boundaries.

Random Photo from the Call book.

 David F Reece, ZS1DFR




Click here to go to the Kevtronics web 


 Click here to visit website 


Worked All ZS award
An interesting operating goal

The entry level for the WAZS award is 100 different call signs. The programme has recently been expanded to include higher level endorsements, such as WAZS-200, WAZS-300, etc. Endorsements may also be obtained for specific modes, eg: CW, SSB, etc.
Click here for more information...

lboat034a.gif (1979 bytes)SA Maritime Net
The South African Maritime Net operates 7 days a week, and provides weather reports from around the coast, and maintains contact with boats off the coast of South Africa and up into the Mozambique channel.  There are two regular schedule times as follows:
  • 06:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7,120 kHz.

  • 11:30 UTC:  Starts on 14316 kHz for approx. 30 mins and then moves down to 7,120 kHz.


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